Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daniella's Beautiful Seed Nut Banana Berry Smoothies

Daniella made us some incredibly delicious drinks earlier. They had nuts, seeds, berries, banana , were filling, creamy, dreamy- They were a beautiful pastel lilac color - sooo good!

I got her recipe - but I also got some bad news - and that is that all of the Brazil nuts that we get here in Canada are not raw. She showed me some that she had soaking here, which she brought from Brazil - she has a woman who cracks them especially for her there - and they will go bad and moldy if not eaten right away or kept int he fridge - and they really did look quite different. The inside of them was very white.
But that being said .. I am still going to post her amazing recipe - and we will have to find a substitute - or go to Brazil and find someone to crack Brazil nuts open for us each week.. ; )

Daniella's Beautiful Seed Nut Banana Berry Smoothie

1/2 c Hemp Seeds
1/3 c Brazil Nuts
1 T Pecan Butter
1 Banana
1/3 c Raspberries
1/3 c Blueberries
1 T Agave
21/2 - 3 c Water

Blend all well together and Enjoy!

ps. That is Daniella sitting at my computer and where I usually sit to write these posts. : )
psps. I am off on another huge mind blowing shamanic adventure tonight. ; )
cya on the other side!! ~Hugs~


Michelle J said...

Ooooh, must try this recipe! It looks creamy and divine!!

RawCaribe├▒a said...

Now I understand why I don't like Brazil nuts except when I was in Brazil. They are not raw in Canada and they taste rancid. What if I were to buy them shelled? Still a difference?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Natalie,
I think they would be ok shelled. I will ask Daniella and see if she has tried them shelled here.. maybe we will have to go buy some and do an experiment. Good question! ..will get back to you on that! HUgs!!

Hey Michelle - yes, absolutely delicious and creamy and also it fills you up- just that perfect amount to sustain you for a long time without feeling too full. But she had the real raw Brazil nuts also - which I realized makes a huge difference.
Huge hugs to you also!!
Have a beautiful day.