Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Backyard

Just a few feet from my building is High Park, which I have been enjoying & considering my backyard lately.. so many great things - waterlilies!

Marie & Mom & I went on a hike a few mornings ago..

We walked across the street (highway really, but there's a stoplight) at the southern end of the park to the beach.. with the long boardwalk - we could walk all the way to downtown along this if we wanted!!
we walked barefoot in the soft warm sand..
watched the swans..(it goes far to the west also!)
& check out the cafe!! Nice!
& back through the park.. so much nature right here in the city. You just cross the street from my place & within about a minute forget the city is so close! .. it's amazing! (& we picked some lambsquarters & plantain (most delicious edible weeds) to bring home & make a green smoothie with - Yes, we washed them really well, they were far back in, but there are a lot of dogs - so, just in case.. ; ) (Some of the most nutritious things grow right in your own backyard!!)

But be careful of the Poison Ivy (this is a pic of it!) "Leaves of three, Let it be!"

Lots of dogs!!

& tonight - Mom & I went to the Shakespeare concert in the Park - A Midsummer's Night Dream - It runs every night there (except on Mondays) until the end of August.
We brought a picnic - Mom made sandwiches - shitakes and the sunflower pate I made yesterday wrapped in 2-3" collard leaf strips.. delicious organic cherries she bought at the market, raw cookies and travel mugs of hot chocolate.. that & 2 big comfy blankets to sit on..
it was a great night!
I love my backyard!!


HiHoRosie said...

Your "backyard" is AMAZING! Looks so serene and beautiful. Loved the swan photo...those baby swans!

Thanks for sharing such beauty and a wonderful day/evening with your mom.

Michelle J said...

I love your backyard too!!! I wanna go there, live there? :O) Love you my friend!!

Happy 4th to you!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Rosie, Thanks Michelle!!
Come visit!
& Happy Everyday to you!!!