Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random thoughts - my Lotus, money, Portabello, questions, milk, desserts and blooming

It's Random Day!

This is my car of the day - a Lotus - nice, huh?

: )

Something Jim mentioned last night – ‘It’s going to be interesting the day when someone discovers that our money is only made out of paper.' It’s not worth anything. There was a time when it was made out of gold (or cacao : ) or something valuable and actually worth something.

How much can you have? .. and how much do you really want? A friend sent me this link.. it made me think.. it’s just too much. Yes, there really can be too much and its good to know what you want. I have been looking around as if everything is a catalogue to choose out of. And yes, you can pick the parts of a situation, place, person, characteristic or thing and leave out the part you don’t want. Thats an idea from the Abraham-Hicks cd.

(I am so glad that I am happy with what I have! : )

Portabello – Luxury 75 Million $ Real Estate Tour:

No question is ever answered. Every answer leads to another question. No answer is ever complete. (This goes along quite well with the thought that is staying with me most of the time that nothing is ever finished.)

My painting today is the 1st one to get a name – Its actually a painting that I started 2 weeks ago, the 1st one I really wasn’t crazy about and I decided to keep painting over it. The name was a line in a song that I really liked while painting it – ‘Every flower has a right to bloom’ I think it was alluding to us as having a right to bloom, live life to the fullest.

Raw milk info and where to get it:

My dessert plate tonight – I went through the freezer and took a bit of everything – a slice of raw tiramisu, raw apple/pear pie, a scoop of banana, mango and acai ice cream. It was the end of the acai and my sources source took off all of a sudden for Brazil and has not been heard of since. Hmm..

Friday, March 30, 2007

Garcia Lorca -The Rose

The rose was not searching for the sunrise:
almost eternal on its branch,
it was searching for something else.

The rose was not searching for darkness or science:
borderline of flesh and dream,
it was searching for something else.

The rose was not looking for the rose
Motionless against the sky,
It was looking for something else.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recipe for Joviality

Recipe for Joviality of Pablo Picasso
loosely translated from the Portuguese

"Forget all the numbers inessential for your survival. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctor worry about them. He is paid for that. Frequent the company of glad friends. Continue learning... using computers, arts, gardens, anything. Do not leave your brain free. A mind without use is the workshop of the devil. Appreciate simple things. Laugh always, much and loudly. Laugh until losing your breath. Let tears happen. The only thing you are responsible for is your soul. It keeps you alive! It encircles you and those wonders that you love: family, animals, souvenirs, music, plants, hobbies, destiny. Your home is your shelter. Make it a healthy one. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is failing, ask for aid. Do not make nostalgic trips. Travel for shopping, to the neighboring city, or even a foreign country, but do not make trips to the past. Say to whomever you love, that you really love them, at every chance. Always remember: Life is not measured by the number of times that you breathe, but by the number of moments when you lose your breath: in laughing... in surprise... in ecstasy... in happiness... There are those people that see the Sun as a simple yellow spot, but also, there are the ones that can make of a simple yellow spot the very Sun itself! "

Painting from

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nappa Slaw Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Sauce

In the recipe section (which is not up yet, but will be soon) is a recipe for Asian slaw.

It’s a good one because it lasts a couple days in the fridge. I had some left over and made a wrap with it last night. I took a collard leaf, cut off the end and a bit of the center hard stalky bit and then piled a few large spoonfuls of the nappa slaw, topped with some shredded carrot and sprouts and then I spooned a spicy tamarind sauce on top and rolled up.. or rather more like folded up. There is a knack to rolling and eating wraps in collard leaves, especially ones with lots of sauce.. practice lots and have a couple napkins.

But the messiest foods are often the best.

Asian Slaw

  • 1 head Korean or Nappa cabbage, chopped small
  • 1 bunch cilantro, chopped
  • ½ red pepper, chopped small
  • 2 T sesame oil
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1 T honey
  • 1" ginger
  • ½ t salt
  • Sesame seeds to garnish

Put cabbage, cilantro and apple in bowl. In another bowl mix the rest of ingredients together. Pour this dressing on vegetables and toss. Top with sesame seeds to serve.

Tamarind is a legume which looks like large snapbeans, but brown and very plump. Their brown skin is hard and brittle like thin plastic. You know the legumes are mature when you can squeeze them with your fingers and the skin shatters revealing a honey-colored, gummy mass inside which are embedded several very hard, dark-chestnut-colored seeds the size and shape of baby lima beans.

Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Tamarind can be a fair amount of work but it is totally worth it.. one of my favorite flavors. Tamarind can be bought in most Asian grocery stores-markets. It is usually found in a 7 oz - 1”x2 ½ “x3” block. Take a 1/4th of the block and put in a dish of water, enough to cover and let soak for awhile, at least ½ hour. Then when it is soft, I mash it up a bit with a fork and then press it through a small metal strainer. Now you have a tamarind paste.

Using this paste add some maple syrup, tamari or shoyu and olive oil, approx 1-2 T of each. Add some salt and something spicy, cayenne, or I used some sambal oelek, which is a spicy chili pepper paste. Ginger would also work well (&/or garlic).. but I left it out as the Nappa slaw had lots.

Experiment and enjoy!

p.s. I had some red bananas and mangos frozen which I made into ice cream (put through the juicer with blank plate) for dessert.. sooo good! Red bananas are a bit more dense and sweet than the regular yellow (Cavendish) bananas we usually get. I had a nanny for the kids when they were very young, she was a kindergarten teacher from Brazil, who was just learning English and I remember how she was so amazed that we have such a limited selection of bananas.. there are so many varieties and we only get 1 type here in Canada. I think of her when I eat bananas. Interesting also how we get associated with things.. I have had several people tell me recently that whenever they eat pineapple they think of me. : ) I love them and share them frequently. My favorite!

Have a delicious, bright and spectacular day!

Tamarind pic and info from

Monday, March 26, 2007

Raw art and articles

Raw articles:

Friday, March 23, 2007


I’ve decided to write about a friend I have from work.. Horace comes in often for double wheatgrass shots. I haven’t seen him much over the winter.. he says he doesn’t come out as much. So I guess it’s a sign of spring that I am seeing him regularly. Horace won’t know that I’m writing about him, unless I tell him, because he isn’t into computers at all. ..or maybe he will .. because Horace just knows lots of things. Horace is an artist, he’s very fascinating to talk to.. but most artists are. ; )

We talk about all kinds of things, mostly metaphysical, philosophical and just opinions on the world and things in general. Often about sace, time, cinsciousness, etc.

He came in yesterday and I said “Hey!’s great to see you & I was just thinking of you about 15 minutes ago, then I got busy but about 5 minutes ago you passed through my mind again and now here you are! : )” He replied “Yes, that’s just about exactly on.. I thought of coming and headed out to come here 15 minutes ago and got side tracked but about 5 min ago just thought how I was coming here and headed over” yup, right on “I hope I didn’t take you from anything, thinking you over here or anything” “Oh no, I wanted to come here anyway” Cool.

“Y’know” he says “Sometimes I think it’s just all consciousness anyways. That’s what everything is. Just pure plain consciousness. Always everlasting..”

Last time he came in we talked about all the things we don’t know. And about all the things going on around us that we are not aware of, and even right in front of our eyes, that we don’t see. Not only obvious things, visible things and we often miss many of those, all the peoples reactions around us, animals, movements, but think of all the things too small or invisible. Like when the sunlight comes through the curtains and all the dust specs in the air, They’re always there but we just don’t see them. The things going on in our body, how it is all working, blood pumping, heart beating, lungs breathing. Our mind only catches such a slight amount of what is going on. (I am on the subay right now, typing on my blackberry & I just looked up a second ago and caught someone watching me very attentively and a woman just smiled over. 50 people around me and how much of what they are thinking am I getting? We are all connected.) Yeah, Horace and I talked about that also. So many thing, so many things. But we would go crazy to know everything. We need to go slower. God goes very, incredibly fast – but I will recite that thought from Anastasia another time

My stop is next.. Horace left today and said as he was leaving “..But you know, it’s never over. Think about it.. it’s never finished, nothing ever ends..”

I love Horace, he makes me smile! J

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Buckwheat granola and Brazil nut milk

I love waking up to the maple-vanilla smell of granola drying in the dehydrater. I made a big batch & put it in last night. It’s an experiment., which know is going to turn out amazingly well.. I tasted it. It has buckwheat groats in it. I soaked these for about 5 hours. Buckwheat is an interesting grain, which is not even really a grain, although it’s classified as one. It is actually a fruit seed. It doesn’t even act like a grain, it gets soft quickly when soaking it, in about an hour. Grains take many more hours or even days to get soft. And buckwheat is very easy to digest and doesn’t turn the system acidic as grains do.

Buckwheat Granola

2c buckwheat groats, soak a few hours to overnight, will = approx 3-4c after soaking.

1c almonds

1 ½ c walnuts

¾ c sunflower seeds

¾ c pumpkin seeds

½ c raisins

½ c dried cranberries

1 apple

1 ½ c date paste

¾ c maple syrup

½ lemon – juiced

1 T vanilla

1 t Celtic salt

-Soak all nuts, seeds and groats.

-Date paste is made in the blender using dates and water, I make it quite thick.

-Combine apple, date paste, maple syrup, lemon juice, vanilla, salt and ½ the soaked sunflower &/or pumpkin seeds together in food processor & blend. Pulse chip in the buckwheat groats, not pureeing them, will be soupy/lumpy. Pour this mixture out into a bowl. Pulse-chop the rest of nuts and seeds and add. I did the almonds and walnuts separately until the desired size. Then I pulse chopped the seeds together lightly and added the raisins & cranberries and pulsed them in slightly. Its all personal preference.. but I think mine is perfect! : )

-Last night I spread it out on teflex sheets & dehydrated at 115 degrees overnight, 9 hours. I just flipped onto the mesh screen and will leave for the day. Expect it to be perfectly crunchy and read when I get home from work tonight.

I love this with sweet brazil nut milk. Almond milk is good also.. but I prefer brazil nut. And I don’t feel like straining the milk after its blended like I do with almond milk.

Brazil nut milk = blending 1 c brazil nuts with 3 cups water and sometimes add a few dates.

& fruit cut up on top! Mmm.. banana..

Ok, breakfast time, later.. Have a fantastic & flavourful day! : ) !!!

pic (which, incidently, doesn't look very much like my granola) is from

Monday, March 19, 2007

Events and bionic burgers and boiling frogs

I am excited about the Total Health show coming up April 13, 14 & 15th .. mainly because I have talked my mom into coming up for it. Her favorite raw foodist, Victoria Boutenko is coming with her son, Sergei. Victoria will also be giving a talk at Toronto Sprouts on the following Thursday, the 19th. Also coming are David Wolfe, Brian Clement and I believe Dorit will be here. David will also be giving a presentation - a chocolate extravaganza on Thurs, April 12th:

link to more ont he health show:

The worlds first bionic burger - go to this link & watch before any other!

New Moon party tonight.

Dear ChocoSolians

Well the days of the new moon are upon us once again.

This Monday from 7-10 there will be a event about the ways of surviving global climate change. It should be interesting and engaging multimedia event and dialogue. The flyer for this is attached below mentioned. From 10pm on the evening will slip into a more casual and dynamic flow. The charge at the door after 10pm is $5 or pay what you can, and we will be doing the usual unusual combination of music, dance, poetry, dj's, and community chocolate lo-co-motion. Just a note, this could be one of the last New Moon Parties at 720 as there is a good chance that ChocoSol will be changing location at the end of April due to our unsuccessful attempts to secure a lease.

Lot's of love everyone and hope to see you this Monday on the New Moon.

un abrazo para todos


A story going around is called the Boiling Frog. A biology experiment demonstrates the principle quite clearly. The idea is to drop a frog into boiling water. Sensing the burning heat, the frog immediately jumps out of the pot. The second part of the experiment is to put the same frog into a pot of cold water which has a slow flame burning underneath. Initially, the frog likes the warmth, and soon it gets comfy and sleepy. Eventually, the frog gets cooked, only realizing too late that it is in danger. The frog is cooked alive. The point of the story, as I've heard it, is that our people, human society, will simply drift off into oblivion, never having felt a thing other than comfort, as the Earth's ecosystems and its social and political systems fall apart. As the water heats up, we the frogs do not notice. It happens so slowly that by the time the human frog realizes it is way too warm for comfort, realizes it is in danger, it has already become too injured to jump out. It is cooked. It is painful, and it is horrifying.

..there is often an invisible line at the "point of no return."

Also, while I'm on the event theme..

This Saturday we will be holding a spring equinox marketplace with lots of great vendors, everything from organic produce and amazing prepared raw foods to yogagurl clothing, crystals, essential oils.. all the important stuff!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

blogging and the internet; universal human experience & consciousness

I found this letter from Robert Genn from
September 19, 2006 entitled 'The age of sharing' and am posting it.
R. Genn sends twice weekly letters,usually art
& often specifically painting related.
his website is
(ps I like what Jim had to say about blogging;
he suggested that maybe it was another small step

in the evolutionary journey of mankind,
going towards where everyone just knows what everyone

else is thinking, talking is not really necessary. : )
- sometimes I feel we are closer than most people imagine.)

Dear Robin,
Yesterday Laura Wambsgans of Santa Clarita, California wrote: 
"Last week I joined the artful soldiers painting 'A Painting a 
Day,' blogging each new work by the stroke of midnight. I'm 
learning more than I had imagined. The pressure is tremendous. 
All the while I'm wondering, is the Internet the new 'Wild, 
Wild West,' with rampant lawlessness and a new century gold 
rush? Or is it a speck on the sleeve of history? Then my mind 
drifts to you and what your thoughts might be?"
Thanks, Laura. You're a pioneer in one of history's great 
events. We now have the potential to connect our images, sounds 
and written words to every being on planet earth. This 
democratization cuts across all traditional lines--nation, 
religion, race, language and gender. Theoretically, it gives 
equal opportunity to all. For those who have a passion, wish a 
broader education, want to be part of something greater, or 
merely need to proclaim their presence, the Internet is here to 
The Internet is the New Frontier of friendship and brotherhood. 
It's an instrument of understanding that holds out the promise 
of a more peaceful world. Its galloping neurons will eventually 
penetrate every hut, tent, igloo, bungalow, saloon and bunker. 
Like the Wild West, its early lawlessness will be brought to 
order and tamed. Machine translations will let everyone know 
what's happening. As guardians of the new order we must try to 
keep the hucksters at bay and the bad guys out. We also need to 
neutralize those big players who would manage the menu.
Apart from the nascent commercial bonanza, creative people are 
suddenly swapping photos, paintings, poems, pedagogy and 
paradigms. A new blog floats into the blogosphere every second, 
a new idea every nanosecond. Without even getting into your 
flivver, you can now see what others in the Great Electronic 
Art Club have done in the last half hour. A tune composed in 
Perth, Australia, is immediately whistled, hummed and committed 
to an orchestra in London, England. Today, the lone artist 
rides with a hundred thousand others. The message of the medium 
is that the competition is tough and getting tougher. And 
quality finds friends. And different folks from different lands 
are not so different after all. Our Global Village is learning 
to share.
Best regards,
PS: "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens." 
Esoterica: As the Internet celebrates sharing, we are now in 
the process of reprogramming ourselves to a universal human 
experience. At the same time, the idealists among us still feel 
that diversity will prevail. In the words of Dr. Michael 
Beckwith of the International Spiritual Center: "We are on the 
planet to wrap our consciousness around the divine treasure 
within each of us." This implies individual empowerment, 
responsibility, and the need to be the best we can. "There are 
no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." (Marshall 

Friday, March 16, 2007

April Star, Alissa Cohen course and Living on Live Food

Last night there was a Raw Living Foods Chef certification course – an Alissa Cohen course given by April Star, her website:

I really enjoyed it & feel very motivated to ..well, just to eat again.

The things I liked most about her course were:

- the selection of recipes. 7 recipes, all very basic, easy to make and delicious varying from kale salad, tuna pate, nori and collard wraps with guacamole and mango salsa ..and incredible deserts. I learned a new way to make ice cream with the food processor and her chocolate mousse was incredible.. ok, ok so I broke the fast for a bit.. couldn’t resist trying the desserts, and no, I don’t feel a bit guilty! (but yes, I am back to the lemon drink this morning.. finally, day 14!)

- She was open & honest. If she didn’t know something she admitted it & offered to find out the information. I respect that. ..& open in that she shared a lot about her own health challenges and experiences. She said she believed that almost everyone should see a colon therapist on their healing journey, & highly advocates colonics. Good.. I have an appt. for one in an hour.

- She recognized and told everyone that they would need to find their own path on the raw journey. (Many people teach that there is only one right way to go raw) Where I work I hear of a lot of peoples journeys, transitions and lifestyles in raw living. There are as many types and ways of being raw & incorporating or delving into being raw as there are types of people. Everyone has a different background, coming from a different place with different body types, different health conditions and challenges.

I am so excited about my new raw book. I bought Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Food. April calls it her raw bible. Its huge, and seems very comprehensive with lots of info and esp, the best part, lots of great recipes! : )

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Japanese tour

Sawako leaves for Japan today. Bon Voyage! (& remember you have to come back.. I have your book! : ) Love you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Raw recipe inspiration from menus

One interesting way to come up with new raw foods to eat is to look at menus of raw restaurants for inspiration and new ideas.

There is also often info about how good the food is for you which is also inspiring.

Most raw foods are quite easy to recreate once you get the hang of creating them. Even people who are normally not great in the kitchen, get really into it as they find out how easy it is. Even kids can create delicious raw food creations easily. They are usually very creative. And people who enjoy being in the kitchen anyway have a field day!

Take a look & get inspired:

There are so many.. I didn’t even make it out of California! But I can’t read anymore, too much temptation (day 12) off to make a lemon, maple, cayenne drink & off to work.

..& I am going to a pot-luck tonight.. going away party for Sawako. She leaves tomorrow for Japan. {{{{{{{{{ BiG HuGs for Sawako}}}}}}}}}

But wish me luck with the food!

: )

Have a delicious, scrumptious, spectacularly fantastic day!

pic/logo from

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top10 ways to surrender to the flow

The Top 10 Ways To Surrender To The Flow

1. Get that there IS a flow and that it's bigger than you are.

2. When facing a problem, seek to solve it immediately, taking
the path of least resistance.

3. Get that you don't know what you don't know, but that the
flow does. Trust.

4. Get that
the physical universe never lies. If something is "off,"
so are you.

5. Seek to understand your environment and it's affects on you,
even more than seeking to understand yourself.

6. Get that your body often knows more than you mind or heart
does. Listen to your body if you're not sure what to do.

7. Get that there is an ebb and flow; sometimes it's wise to do

8. Get that the flow changes and you'll need to adapt with it.

9. Get that you affect the flow around you, even though the flow
around you is bigger than you.

10. Get that you want to BECOME the flow, not just be carried
along BY the flow.

Thomas J. Leonard
Copyright 2000 by Thomas J. Leonard.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Colonics, parasite cleanses and mud baths

I am taking it very slow lately. Which is probably why I haven’t been here the past couple days. But my friend just called & said she was worried.. no blog since March 9th.

Day 11, Master Cleanse. I feel like it’s a bit of a count-down now.. which is probably not the best perspective to take on it.. but that’s the way it is.

I went for my 1st ever colonic on Saturday morning before work. I had been advised that this is wise, and the appointment pretty much just got made for me.. I am just going with the flow. There is a radically different point of view on these in the raw food world. Many raw foodists, and people into serious health care or involved in the naturopathic and holistic health world swear by them. (David Wolfe advises monthly I am told) Others say it is not necessary and may even be harmful – Natural Hygenics, such as Dr. Doug Graham.

I was a little apprehensive at first, but it was a much better experience than I expected. I saw Ruby from the Yellow Brick Road, the holistic healthcare center - 258 Dupont, at Spadina, right next to Live (amazing raw restaurant). Ruby was amazing.. very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Big pillows, heated bed, great massage. . What I didn’t know was that this is not just a one time thing.. we were done & she said, ‘ok, so when should we book your next appointment?’ Usually you get a series of sessions done, how many depends on lots of factors. I am booking just one more for Friday and I think that’s it, maybe one more. Some people get many more done. Colonics can be very beneficial in removing mucoid plaque, that black hard stuff that gets built up onto colon walls over time (esp. with meat eaters), and also parasites.

She advised it was a good idea to have a parasite cleanse. That even raw foodists need to do them. Improperly washed fruits and vegetables can be a source of round worms. I thought I was off the hook with the parasites, that raw foods would eventually just wash them away, if I had any. I think most of us assume that we don’t. ..but the fact is that most people do. ..and at least we are safe from the really scary big bad parasites that afflict meat eaters and junk foodists.

“Parasites are the missing diagnosis in the genesis of many chronic health problems, including diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system. Most individuals would be truly amazed if they knew the extraordinarily high number of Americans who are unknowingly infected by parasites…” – Dr. Hermann R. Bueno, Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene of London

The night before Fri eve. I took a relaxing mud bath. My sister-in-law Judith used to send me packages of Orthomoor Plus – powdered active mud extract foam baths. ..and I just recently found 3 packages. when I removed the drawers in my bathroom cabinets to clean in behind. These are great, they turn the water all brown, almost a purplish brown and smell amazing. They are full of essential oils with mineral complex and powdered mud extracts. But when you get out it doesn’t make you or the tub brown. It all just rinses away.. you just towel dry and the tub is still clean, amazing! ..and your skin is so soft and smooth. : )

I think they have changed their products, am looking on their website.. this is the closest I can find – their micronized moor bath kits:{DDFFB13D-E9...

You can buy through a distributor. In Toronto it’s R & R Spa, Contact : Carmen Redondo Radburn - 155, Dalhousie St. # 830, Phone : (416) 216-0817

mudbath pic from

Friday, March 09, 2007

Building community and transitions

"I am in the world to change the world.
~ Kathe Kollwitz

ChocoSol will be leaving 720 Bathurst and relocating by the end of April, which I am finding fairly tragic because I will miss them so much.. and because they built and brought such a wonderful community of people together in our space. They considerably helped to make our workplace the dynamic and fun place to work in it is. Transitions abound. Sawako is leaving in 5 days, going back to Japan.. I am going to miss her sooooo much! The weather is the best transition from -20, crazy deepfreeze temps to all +’s for the next week.. yes! ..and this crazy Master Cleanse is ½ way through today… decided 14 days is enough. I miss eating. ..not that I feel hungry, I don’t and I have lots of energy.. this is great, feel really clear & everything, but I miss food. & chocolate! ; )

‘How to build a community’ makes me think of Michael (Dr. Sacco of ChcocSol) as he is one of the world’s finest local & global community builders!

How to Build a Community

turn off your tv * leave your house

know your neighbors

look up when you are walking

greet people * sit on your stoop

plant flowers

use your library * play together

buy from local merchants

share what you have

help a lost dog

take children to the park

garden together

support neighbourhood schools

fix it even if you didn't break it

have pot lucks * honor elders

pick up litter * read stories aloud

dance in the street

talk to the mail carrier

listen to the birds * put up a swing

help someone carry something heavy

barter for your goods

start a tradition * ask a question

hire young people for odd jobs

organize a block party

bake extra and share

ask for help when you need it

open your shades * sing together

share your skills

take back the night

turn up the music

turn down the music

listen before you react to anger

mediate a conflict

seek to understand
learn from new and
uncomfortable angles

know that no one is silent
though many are not heard
work to change this

Text by

Pic from

Thursday, March 08, 2007

platinum foot spa detox, sugar cane juice, meyer lemons & raw chocolates

Yesterday went smoothly.. it was a long day though. I got to work early to get another foot spa detox session in with Louis. Louise has the best prices for this, 50$ a session.. To contact him: Louis Mendes cel. 416-729-9874

I was surprised that the water was just as dark this time, expected to be less toxic, but Louis told me it’s often darker for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th times .. the 1st time the channels are just being opened up.. hard to believe that all those toxins can come out from the bottom of our feet.. its quite amazing. One reason I was really interested in trying is because in the Anastasia book I am reading, which has some far out concepts – seemingly far-out, but ones which seem to ring true. I think she is really for real! Anyway, I had just read previously how Anastasia healed Vladimir by pulling the toxins out from the bottom of his feet and into the earth under him.

After my foot detox session last week I felt kind of light headed.. my body was moving faster than my mind. Now with the Master Cleanse detoxing (close to & considered by some fasting) I feel my head is moving slower than my body.. but I think it all evened out yesterday with both going on. Lol

I had this amazing surprise yesterday when two amazing (underline amazing 3 times) guys came into work with a gallon of sugar cane juice they got from Little India. Sugar cane juice is raw, considered by some raw foodists a superfood, think it’s full of minerals.. and they brought in Meyer lemons from the Big Carrot (organic), which are thought to be a cross between a lemon & mandarin orange or sweet orange.

& fresh spring water from Guelph! : ) Wow.. that was so thoughtful.. & such a nice change.

Then the Stem Enhance meeting last night.. and Moni brought in chocolates she was experimenting with.. which are incredibly amazing.. so I have some put away in this little container for after the cleanse.. her ganache and peppermint chocolate.. and then some Sawako Snow from ChocoSol.. Sawako sprinkled coconut over the raw coconut variety they were making.. looks amazing & I was given a bag for later : ) .. what an interesting container I am accumulating. Raw chocolate is the best!!!

But for now maple, lemon, cayenne & sugar cane juice.

Pic from

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sea Palm recipe, Live the life you love

This recipe is from a newsletter found at:

It looks good & I’m saving it for when I am eating again. (Day 4)

Sea Palm and Cucumber Salad

Yield: 1½ cups (2 to 3 servings

½ ounce sea palm, soaked one hr in one cup water
1 carrot, shredded
½ cucumber, seeded, julienne sliced
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon tamari
½ tablespoon ginger juice
½ tablespoon sesame seeds
½ teaspoon finely minced garlic
½ green onion, sliced
½ teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon Hot Sauce
¼ teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1. Drain the sea palm (reserve the water for plants or discard), rinse, and
drain well again. Dry the sea palm between clean dishtowels or paper towels. 
Cut into 1-inch pieces.

2. In a medium bowl, combine all of the ingredients. Stir well, and enjoy!

3. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days.
Sea Palm is a brown seaweed (Postelsia palmaeformis) found in the middle littoral zone 
along the Pacific coast of the United States, having a shape resembling a palm tree with 
numerous edible toothed blades that crown the tip of a long stipe.

It can be ordered from

Sea vegetable links -

The following is from the same newsletter as the recipe.

Live the Life You Love

What happens in Springtime? Our thoughts turn to the celebration of

the season of rebirth, renewal, and new life! As the sprouts poke up

through the ground, we have a new feeling of hope in our hearts. Hope

for the future, hope for the planet, hope for new possibilities in our

lives. We see that nature is ever-renewing itself, and that the world

is a place of infinite abundance and new growth. How does that

manifest? First, we feel in our hearts an opening, an expansive

feeling. Then, we get that energetic momentum that makes us want to

sweep out the old and sweep in the new. Spring cleaning! This is an

excellent time to do a physical cleanse. And it̢۪s not only the

physical body that we want to cleanse, but our minds as well. Sweep

out the cobwebs of old thought patterns. The world is open to our

highest desires right now. This is a good time to assess what we

really want in our lives, and to open ourselves to our good. How can

you make your desires become your reality? Now is the time to take

action; to create the life you have always wished for.