Monday, March 05, 2007

MC- day 3, attitude and sleep

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference". ~Winston Churchill

Day 3, Master Cleanse.. day 2 & 3 are the hardest, they say.. and I am almost through. I feel a lot less toxic than I remember when I did this 2 years ago. Not feeling the headaches and sick, tired feeling I remember having. I am feeling colder than usual though.. but that’s good that some detox symptom is happening.

I did the salt water internal bathing routine Stanley Burroughs recommends in his book – 1 quart water with 2 rounded T’s of Celtic or other pure salt. Drink this 1st thing in the morning.. but I find that you really have to stay around the house for a couple hours after, just in case. So I won’t be doing it tomorrow, when I head back to work. I love having Mondays off.. just wish it was warm outside, it’s freezing out there! I am quite optimistic generally about it though, and know it will be warming up a lot in the next few weeks.. the worse of the winter cold is over, just up from here. I am going out anyway soon.

I think I am getting to the age where I should definitely have at least one warm tropical vacation during the winter. ; )

Super Sleep article from today’s forever healthy newsletter:

For deep restful regenerating anti-aging sleep, try the following:

  1. SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT – a quiet peaceful environment with a good quality memory foam mattress and buckwheat pillow is best. Avoid a random eating and sleep times. Try to follow a consistent schedule in your work and eating habits.
    Keep electrical devices at least 3 feet or more away from your body.
  2. HYDRATE – make sure you drink plenty of purified water, herbal teas and fresh juices are best. Not drinking enough liquids can cause the body to become too acidic and over-stimulated.
  3. EXERCISE earlier in the day. Mornings are best but before 6pm.
  4. STRESS – Reduce stress levels with Mediation or Journaling before bed. This can help solve problems and eliminate stress.
  5. EAT HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS. Avoid eating processed chemically preserved foods. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar and caffeine. If hungry before bed, eat a small amount of alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables, light soup broths, herbal teas or fresh squeezed green vegetable juices. Try a diet diary to eliminate potential stimulants.

Try moving your bed, some new sheets, a new pillow or mattress, eating whole pure foods, going to bed earlier, stretching or whatever you can think of to help you sleep deeper and wake up more rested and energized for a healthier day

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