Thursday, March 08, 2007

platinum foot spa detox, sugar cane juice, meyer lemons & raw chocolates

Yesterday went smoothly.. it was a long day though. I got to work early to get another foot spa detox session in with Louis. Louise has the best prices for this, 50$ a session.. To contact him: Louis Mendes cel. 416-729-9874

I was surprised that the water was just as dark this time, expected to be less toxic, but Louis told me it’s often darker for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th times .. the 1st time the channels are just being opened up.. hard to believe that all those toxins can come out from the bottom of our feet.. its quite amazing. One reason I was really interested in trying is because in the Anastasia book I am reading, which has some far out concepts – seemingly far-out, but ones which seem to ring true. I think she is really for real! Anyway, I had just read previously how Anastasia healed Vladimir by pulling the toxins out from the bottom of his feet and into the earth under him.

After my foot detox session last week I felt kind of light headed.. my body was moving faster than my mind. Now with the Master Cleanse detoxing (close to & considered by some fasting) I feel my head is moving slower than my body.. but I think it all evened out yesterday with both going on. Lol

I had this amazing surprise yesterday when two amazing (underline amazing 3 times) guys came into work with a gallon of sugar cane juice they got from Little India. Sugar cane juice is raw, considered by some raw foodists a superfood, think it’s full of minerals.. and they brought in Meyer lemons from the Big Carrot (organic), which are thought to be a cross between a lemon & mandarin orange or sweet orange.

& fresh spring water from Guelph! : ) Wow.. that was so thoughtful.. & such a nice change.

Then the Stem Enhance meeting last night.. and Moni brought in chocolates she was experimenting with.. which are incredibly amazing.. so I have some put away in this little container for after the cleanse.. her ganache and peppermint chocolate.. and then some Sawako Snow from ChocoSol.. Sawako sprinkled coconut over the raw coconut variety they were making.. looks amazing & I was given a bag for later : ) .. what an interesting container I am accumulating. Raw chocolate is the best!!!

But for now maple, lemon, cayenne & sugar cane juice.

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