Friday, March 02, 2007

Eye washes and Foot detoxing

Eye wash

I was talking so a man who had the brightest, most white, clear eyes I have ever seen. I thought my eyes were white, rawfoodists eyes are generally very, very white. But this guys are the whitest ever.. he is mainly raw I think but e was telling me he does these eye washes. That many people don’t do it now but its really good for the eyes. He collects eye wash glasses, glass ones are better than plastic, and he has them in different colors.

He gave me his recipe for his favorite wash, which hopefully he doesn’t mind me sharing. I don’t think he would.

In approx 1 ounce water put 2 drops goldenseal, 2 drops eyebright and …

He emphasized to pay close attention to this part.. put a very, very, very, very tiny amount of cayenne. & when he says tiny he said that you could count the grains.. like 8-10 grains of cayenne. Put mixture in eyeglass. Put eye over flip up so eye is submersed & looking up, open eyes in solution, looking up and look around to right, left, up, down, around.. then pour out that mixture & repeat with new mixture of solution for other eye.

He said there are many different eye washes which are beneficial.. using wheatgrass is a great one.

Foot Detox session

On Wed I went in to work early to meet up with Louis, who brought in his

Platinum Energy foot spa for me to try out. It is a detox system I have heard of.. where the toxins accumulated in the body come out through the soles of the feet.

“The foot spa array stimulation causes the 2,000 eccrine glands per foot to expel their contents into the water, detoxifying your body’s accumulated toxins naturally and at an accelerated rate.

It was quite incredible, as clean as I thought I was, the water turned a murky orangish. I could feet a strange pulling feeling out of the bottom of my feet and this strange sensation stayed with me the rest of the day.. even slightly the next morning. Marie got her feet done also and similar results. We both felt lightheaded after.. I felt kind of slower than usual, especially with thought processes.. still clear but slow.

We have another session booked for next Wed am.. people usually get up to 10 sessions done, at leats 5, to get mostly detoxed, until water stays light color.. and then maintenance of once a month.

More info here:

Even though we are in the middle of a major snowstorm-mess happening outside I think I got a glimpse of spring earlier this week and am feeling in spring detox mode. A woman came into work yesterday who just finished the Master cleanse for 40 days. The day before I just brought in my book ‘The Master Cleanse’ (by Stanley Burroughs) to lend to a customer who is going to try it. Now I am inspired.. Marie and I might start it on Monday. ..more tomorrow.

Have a clean, bright and beautiful day!

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