Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random thoughts - my Lotus, money, Portabello, questions, milk, desserts and blooming

It's Random Day!

This is my car of the day - a Lotus - nice, huh?

: )

Something Jim mentioned last night – ‘It’s going to be interesting the day when someone discovers that our money is only made out of paper.' It’s not worth anything. There was a time when it was made out of gold (or cacao : ) or something valuable and actually worth something.

How much can you have? .. and how much do you really want? A friend sent me this link.. it made me think.. it’s just too much. Yes, there really can be too much and its good to know what you want. I have been looking around as if everything is a catalogue to choose out of. And yes, you can pick the parts of a situation, place, person, characteristic or thing and leave out the part you don’t want. Thats an idea from the Abraham-Hicks cd.

(I am so glad that I am happy with what I have! : )

Portabello – Luxury 75 Million $ Real Estate Tour:

No question is ever answered. Every answer leads to another question. No answer is ever complete. (This goes along quite well with the thought that is staying with me most of the time that nothing is ever finished.)

My painting today is the 1st one to get a name – Its actually a painting that I started 2 weeks ago, the 1st one I really wasn’t crazy about and I decided to keep painting over it. The name was a line in a song that I really liked while painting it – ‘Every flower has a right to bloom’ I think it was alluding to us as having a right to bloom, live life to the fullest.

Raw milk info and where to get it:

My dessert plate tonight – I went through the freezer and took a bit of everything – a slice of raw tiramisu, raw apple/pear pie, a scoop of banana, mango and acai ice cream. It was the end of the acai and my sources source took off all of a sudden for Brazil and has not been heard of since. Hmm..

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