Friday, March 23, 2007


I’ve decided to write about a friend I have from work.. Horace comes in often for double wheatgrass shots. I haven’t seen him much over the winter.. he says he doesn’t come out as much. So I guess it’s a sign of spring that I am seeing him regularly. Horace won’t know that I’m writing about him, unless I tell him, because he isn’t into computers at all. ..or maybe he will .. because Horace just knows lots of things. Horace is an artist, he’s very fascinating to talk to.. but most artists are. ; )

We talk about all kinds of things, mostly metaphysical, philosophical and just opinions on the world and things in general. Often about sace, time, cinsciousness, etc.

He came in yesterday and I said “Hey!’s great to see you & I was just thinking of you about 15 minutes ago, then I got busy but about 5 minutes ago you passed through my mind again and now here you are! : )” He replied “Yes, that’s just about exactly on.. I thought of coming and headed out to come here 15 minutes ago and got side tracked but about 5 min ago just thought how I was coming here and headed over” yup, right on “I hope I didn’t take you from anything, thinking you over here or anything” “Oh no, I wanted to come here anyway” Cool.

“Y’know” he says “Sometimes I think it’s just all consciousness anyways. That’s what everything is. Just pure plain consciousness. Always everlasting..”

Last time he came in we talked about all the things we don’t know. And about all the things going on around us that we are not aware of, and even right in front of our eyes, that we don’t see. Not only obvious things, visible things and we often miss many of those, all the peoples reactions around us, animals, movements, but think of all the things too small or invisible. Like when the sunlight comes through the curtains and all the dust specs in the air, They’re always there but we just don’t see them. The things going on in our body, how it is all working, blood pumping, heart beating, lungs breathing. Our mind only catches such a slight amount of what is going on. (I am on the subay right now, typing on my blackberry & I just looked up a second ago and caught someone watching me very attentively and a woman just smiled over. 50 people around me and how much of what they are thinking am I getting? We are all connected.) Yeah, Horace and I talked about that also. So many thing, so many things. But we would go crazy to know everything. We need to go slower. God goes very, incredibly fast – but I will recite that thought from Anastasia another time

My stop is next.. Horace left today and said as he was leaving “..But you know, it’s never over. Think about it.. it’s never finished, nothing ever ends..”

I love Horace, he makes me smile! J

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