Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Raw recipe inspiration from menus

One interesting way to come up with new raw foods to eat is to look at menus of raw restaurants for inspiration and new ideas.

There is also often info about how good the food is for you which is also inspiring.

Most raw foods are quite easy to recreate once you get the hang of creating them. Even people who are normally not great in the kitchen, get really into it as they find out how easy it is. Even kids can create delicious raw food creations easily. They are usually very creative. And people who enjoy being in the kitchen anyway have a field day!

Take a look & get inspired:

There are so many.. I didn’t even make it out of California! But I can’t read anymore, too much temptation (day 12) off to make a lemon, maple, cayenne drink & off to work.

..& I am going to a pot-luck tonight.. going away party for Sawako. She leaves tomorrow for Japan. {{{{{{{{{ BiG HuGs for Sawako}}}}}}}}}

But wish me luck with the food!

: )

Have a delicious, scrumptious, spectacularly fantastic day!

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