Monday, March 19, 2007

Events and bionic burgers and boiling frogs

I am excited about the Total Health show coming up April 13, 14 & 15th .. mainly because I have talked my mom into coming up for it. Her favorite raw foodist, Victoria Boutenko is coming with her son, Sergei. Victoria will also be giving a talk at Toronto Sprouts on the following Thursday, the 19th. Also coming are David Wolfe, Brian Clement and I believe Dorit will be here. David will also be giving a presentation - a chocolate extravaganza on Thurs, April 12th:

link to more ont he health show:

The worlds first bionic burger - go to this link & watch before any other!

New Moon party tonight.

Dear ChocoSolians

Well the days of the new moon are upon us once again.

This Monday from 7-10 there will be a event about the ways of surviving global climate change. It should be interesting and engaging multimedia event and dialogue. The flyer for this is attached below mentioned. From 10pm on the evening will slip into a more casual and dynamic flow. The charge at the door after 10pm is $5 or pay what you can, and we will be doing the usual unusual combination of music, dance, poetry, dj's, and community chocolate lo-co-motion. Just a note, this could be one of the last New Moon Parties at 720 as there is a good chance that ChocoSol will be changing location at the end of April due to our unsuccessful attempts to secure a lease.

Lot's of love everyone and hope to see you this Monday on the New Moon.

un abrazo para todos


A story going around is called the Boiling Frog. A biology experiment demonstrates the principle quite clearly. The idea is to drop a frog into boiling water. Sensing the burning heat, the frog immediately jumps out of the pot. The second part of the experiment is to put the same frog into a pot of cold water which has a slow flame burning underneath. Initially, the frog likes the warmth, and soon it gets comfy and sleepy. Eventually, the frog gets cooked, only realizing too late that it is in danger. The frog is cooked alive. The point of the story, as I've heard it, is that our people, human society, will simply drift off into oblivion, never having felt a thing other than comfort, as the Earth's ecosystems and its social and political systems fall apart. As the water heats up, we the frogs do not notice. It happens so slowly that by the time the human frog realizes it is way too warm for comfort, realizes it is in danger, it has already become too injured to jump out. It is cooked. It is painful, and it is horrifying.

..there is often an invisible line at the "point of no return."

Also, while I'm on the event theme..

This Saturday we will be holding a spring equinox marketplace with lots of great vendors, everything from organic produce and amazing prepared raw foods to yogagurl clothing, crystals, essential oils.. all the important stuff!

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