Monday, April 26, 2010

Colorful Caves and Exotic Fruit

I've got lots of exotic fruit snacks and green superfood smoothies packed and am off to go hang out in some fantastic caves tonight.. may make it a few day trip.. wanna come on an adventure? Come, lets go!!

A Tropical Fruit Tour

Acai Berries (aka Chocolate Berry) - Fruit is produced 2 times a year.

Acerola Cherry - Tangy, Sweet and Sour, very high in Vit C.

Ackee (aka Vegetable Brain) is the national fruit of Jamaica. The Pod splits open when ripe. The pod and seeds are inedible, only the inner fleshy yellow arils are consumed. Careful, can be very toxic. ..but very nutritional when consumed properly  and much of the plant is used medicinally.

Black Sapote (aka Chocolate Pudding Fruit and Black Persimmon ) Mmm chocolate pudding!

Brazillian Cherry (aka Cayenne Cherry) Turns red-black when ripe.

Breadfruit is a Polynesian staple, it is used as a vegetable before it is ripe.

Carambola - Starfruit

Cherimoya - Custard Apple. I ate my first one this past week,, they are all over Little India here where I live. I can't believe I waited so long to try these.. they are soo delicious!!  Subtle, but very delicious!

Fushia - The very tart berries are often used to make jam and jelly.

Grosella - Gooseberry Tree

Guanabana - Soursop - Its flavor is described as a combo of strawberry and pineapple with a sour citrus flavor which contrasts with an underlying creamy banana coconut flavor.


Jujube (aka Chinese Date or Apple Date)

Kei Apple - from Africa

Loquat - Japanese Plum - Has lots of pectin before ripe (enough to make jam)


Mangosteen - called the queen of fruit, many think it has the best flavor of any fruit.

Marang - When ripe the spines harden. Its name means 'smells pleasant'

Miracle Fruit - is amazing!  ..its called this because when you eat it it causes your taste buds to change and anything you eat afterwards that is sour, tastes sweet.. Effects of this can last from a half hour up to two hours. The berry itself is the size of a coffee bean, has a low sugar content and tastes mildly tangy sweet.

Pepino Melon - tastes a combination of tomato, pepper and melon.

Rambutan - Delicious!! Tastes something like sweet grapes.

Syzygium jambos - (aka Rose Apple, Water Apple, Malabar Plum)

Salak - Snake fruit

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Lychees are called Alligator Strawberries in some places.. and are said to have a taste something between grapes-strawberry-watermelon. I think they have a subtle, sweet, very delicious taste. Lychees have been a prized fruit in China for over 2000 years. When dried they are called lychee nuts.

Of course, I know you know how to open lychees.. but here is some inspiration.. 

Just use your thumbnail, or a small knife to tear and lift the peel off, it comes off quite easily if ripe.

If they are very fresh you have to peel the outer skin and an inner membrane, something like peeling an orange. If you are peeling a lot, use a small serrated knife to cut lengthwise around peel and slip out. If they have been stored awhile they slip out of their skin more easily. 

If the fruit is very ripe you can cut or tear the skin open and then pinch one end to propel the fruit easily out of its skin. 

When peeled the lychee looks like a peeled grape, but inside is a big seed. To remove, cut around the meat lengthwise to the seed and pull the meat away from the pointed end of the seed. It releases the seed quite easily if its ripe.

Select lychees which are a bright light red without blemishes. The skin is naturally tough and leathery, but pliable and not dull and dark or cracked or leaking. If it tastes bitter or sour, its not ripe. Lychees stop ripening once picked.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Notes from David Wolfe Event

A Waterfall is more healing than a Hospital.

In order to heal - You have to have Fun.

Keep saying "I want the Best Health Ever" and watch and pay attention to what comes at you.

not 'Diet', rather 'Livet'

'Reishi Cappuchino'

Take this with a grain of salt water.. if I have this right: 'We are an ocean inside.. and have molusks, corals, clams living inside us. The Calicfication absorbs the heavy metals - lead, etc in us, it absorbs the toxic garbage.. (when you boil water you see the white stuff) ..building barnacles - parasites want a warm home, they're making a home, a coral reef in our body.

Reishi - Chiangbai Mtns in China thousands of people looking for Reishi, hard to find, in Canada - 0, lots available!

Horsetail and Nettles - 2 important herbs found all over Canada

Bone density - 1. Silica, 2. Magnesium, 3. Phosphorous
Calcuim supplements have never been shown to increase bone density.
#1 food for bone density - Chocolate!!!

Longest lived people of the world eat Chocolate. 
Jeanne Louis Calment - longest living person, 1875-1997 - 122 years old - claimed to have eaten a diet of chocolate - 2 1/2 lbs per week. She attributes this and olive oil, which she poured on her food and rubbed in her skin ..and port wine to her longetivy and relatively youthful appearance.  (you can wikipedia it : )
Chocolate - #1 food for your heart.

We have no idea how far we can go.
We suffer only for a belief system.
The answer is out there.

Fav herbs: Astragalus -one of the most researched herbs on Earth. Pau D'Arco, Cats Claw, He Shou Wu, Rooibos, Cayenne, Hawthorn Berry.
Maca! - is a cold weather adaptogen.. Helps you adapt to cold weather ..and adapt to different conditions. 

Less food = More Energy.
Digestion causes an energy drain.
We are energetic beings.. how can we not have energy?? Constipation.

Marine Phytoplankton - 0 calories, no stimulant, gives you lots of energy, total clarity, no crash!

The worse it gets - The better it gets.
It was the worse of times, it was the Best of times.
(depends on what train you're on)

Go lower on the food chain - Think about it : phytoplankton.. plants.. fish.. meat.

Well water is often contaminated with Calcium.

2 people died on raw meat, 1 person died on raw eggs.. meat is too dangerous, why we started cooking it.

Raw milk & dairy good if cultured, if not risk of it being contaminated with viruses. ..exposing yourself to the unknown. Kefir culture will kill off viruses.

Where does culture come from? No one knows. (Interesting!)

Take the conventional truth and inverse it = the real truth. (famous quote?)

Salt - Too little= dark circles under eyes, too much = puffiness under eyes.

Zapper - like being barefoot on earth - it recalibrates our circadium rhythms. ..discharges static electricity.
To get grounded touch the earth, trees...been studied, immediately within milliseconds our vibration is changed. 
If we are electrically connected we naturally detoxify.

If you are barefoot on earth talking on cellphone you are 100% more protected 

Steiner says as soon as you touch the earth your intelligence increases.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heaven found in the Mud!

The David Wolfe event was last night.. it was great. But what is taking precedence in my mind is my morning.. despite getting home very late, I was up early and heading out with my friend to a total mud adventure. It was the most awesome experience ever!!! A big jug of the coolest black Moor mud ever.. but wait, 1st.. rubbing down totally with a mud-pumice-essential oils scrub in the sauna, total body care. Cool showers, hot steam alternating.. opening pores getting circulation going, lymph going, everything.. and the best part ever, hot from steam room and putting hand down deep into this jug of black mud, which felt alive it was so real!!! and rubbing cool mud all over..  it was kind of pumicy also. Head to toe, completely black.. I would have taken a pic of myself in the mirror if I wasnt so muddy, lol  The black mud was fun to draw designs into.. awesome stuff

Its no doubt that the closer you get to the Earth, the better you feel, the more connected, grounded you are.. the further away ou get, the opposite happens. No doubt. I have no hesitation is stating and believing that one!! I felt it.
 The mud, it brings you right back to Zero. Right back into balance, sooo healing. Its incredible how refreshing playing in mud can be.  & then we had the best Raw lunch ever!! Heaven is being nature girl, its right here!!  I am so refreshed and dreamy soft! xo

Friday, April 09, 2010

Multicultural Mangoes and Music

Wow, this is my 1001th post!

Everything we say and do has an effect on the world around us. ~Madonna

I am in from my day testing - raw foods creating - Moroccan food, Persian food, North African.. lots of experimenting. I feel really good about that.

I am happy and content because I think I am. ~ Alain Rene Lesage

I am grateful that it is now mango season again.. and I have a big box of mangoes downstairs int he kitchen!!!: )

Just being alive doesnt mean you're fully living. ~ Izzy

There is a David Wolfe event tomorrow night, put on by my friend Marie.. 300 people and it sold out right away while only early bird tickets were available. I just put together 10 hours of music - Brazillian, Flamenco, Latin, World (David request ; ) Its going to be so fun, love these events!!

Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually. ~ Eileen Caddy

I have a favorite show right now, even though I dont have tv, I have been watching a show from Spain ' Cuentame Como Paso' its about a family and life in the 60's-70's the Franco years and just after.. really fascinating history, I really love it. I love how the family interacts and th community and I especially love that they always eat fruit after their dinner. Theres a bowl of oranges and bananas or other fruit.. and they sit and peel and chat. The show is really so much more than that, but its those little things... k, off to watch an episode now. : ) Why do I love Spanish so much??  ..but I do!   xo, 'Night

Desire, ask, believe, receive. ~ Stella Terrill Mann

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Intent for the Day

Nice thought for today from Dr Susan Gregg: 

What Is My Intent ? Often we forget that we 
create our experience of life with our filter system ... with our 
beliefs ... agreements. Life is ... and then we tell ourselves a 
story. Our story either adds more love ... or fear ... to the world. 
Is my intent to, hold on to my story ... or to remember how to respond 
from love?

 If we want a world of peace ... we add only love.


Every event in life is either loving ... or a cry for love.

So we love ... just love.