Sunday, April 18, 2010

Notes from David Wolfe Event

A Waterfall is more healing than a Hospital.

In order to heal - You have to have Fun.

Keep saying "I want the Best Health Ever" and watch and pay attention to what comes at you.

not 'Diet', rather 'Livet'

'Reishi Cappuchino'

Take this with a grain of salt water.. if I have this right: 'We are an ocean inside.. and have molusks, corals, clams living inside us. The Calicfication absorbs the heavy metals - lead, etc in us, it absorbs the toxic garbage.. (when you boil water you see the white stuff) ..building barnacles - parasites want a warm home, they're making a home, a coral reef in our body.

Reishi - Chiangbai Mtns in China thousands of people looking for Reishi, hard to find, in Canada - 0, lots available!

Horsetail and Nettles - 2 important herbs found all over Canada

Bone density - 1. Silica, 2. Magnesium, 3. Phosphorous
Calcuim supplements have never been shown to increase bone density.
#1 food for bone density - Chocolate!!!

Longest lived people of the world eat Chocolate. 
Jeanne Louis Calment - longest living person, 1875-1997 - 122 years old - claimed to have eaten a diet of chocolate - 2 1/2 lbs per week. She attributes this and olive oil, which she poured on her food and rubbed in her skin ..and port wine to her longetivy and relatively youthful appearance.  (you can wikipedia it : )
Chocolate - #1 food for your heart.

We have no idea how far we can go.
We suffer only for a belief system.
The answer is out there.

Fav herbs: Astragalus -one of the most researched herbs on Earth. Pau D'Arco, Cats Claw, He Shou Wu, Rooibos, Cayenne, Hawthorn Berry.
Maca! - is a cold weather adaptogen.. Helps you adapt to cold weather ..and adapt to different conditions. 

Less food = More Energy.
Digestion causes an energy drain.
We are energetic beings.. how can we not have energy?? Constipation.

Marine Phytoplankton - 0 calories, no stimulant, gives you lots of energy, total clarity, no crash!

The worse it gets - The better it gets.
It was the worse of times, it was the Best of times.
(depends on what train you're on)

Go lower on the food chain - Think about it : phytoplankton.. plants.. fish.. meat.

Well water is often contaminated with Calcium.

2 people died on raw meat, 1 person died on raw eggs.. meat is too dangerous, why we started cooking it.

Raw milk & dairy good if cultured, if not risk of it being contaminated with viruses. ..exposing yourself to the unknown. Kefir culture will kill off viruses.

Where does culture come from? No one knows. (Interesting!)

Take the conventional truth and inverse it = the real truth. (famous quote?)

Salt - Too little= dark circles under eyes, too much = puffiness under eyes.

Zapper - like being barefoot on earth - it recalibrates our circadium rhythms. ..discharges static electricity.
To get grounded touch the earth, trees...been studied, immediately within milliseconds our vibration is changed. 
If we are electrically connected we naturally detoxify.

If you are barefoot on earth talking on cellphone you are 100% more protected 

Steiner says as soon as you touch the earth your intelligence increases.


ep said...

About chocolate being good for bones:

"Older women who consume chocolate daily had lower bone density and strength"

How did David come to the conclusion that chocolate was good for bone health? From all the research I've read, it seems that strength training is better for bone health than diet in most cases.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi ep,
I wrote these things merely as things to consider.. I personally take -or try to take- everything with a grain of salt.
as the more we know, the more we realize that we dont know.
I have no idea if this is true or not.
There are many health-raw gurus giving information out there.. with all so far, I take what works for me, rings true for me, and leave the rest..
For me and my personal journey though, I get a lot out of Davids talks, and just wanted to share (& mostly have a record for myself to come back to ; )
I have no idea how he came to that conclusion. I dont remember if he cited reports or not.. although he did a few times in the talk.. sorry I cant provide more.

I agree with the weight lifting, & it likely is better for bone health than diet.

Take what works for you..
for me, chocolate works!! ; )
Thanks for commenting, great to hear from you!!

ep said...

Of course, I also enjoy these lectures (I wanted to see David in Toronto, but couldn't make it).

It would certainly be wonderful if all these points turn out to be true :)

Fatma said...

Yeah! Thank you for posting!
My favorite:
Keep saying "I want the Best Health Ever" and watch and pay attention to what comes at you.

Much Love

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes, thats a great one!!
xo, Great to hear from you Fatma!