Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Lychees are called Alligator Strawberries in some places.. and are said to have a taste something between grapes-strawberry-watermelon. I think they have a subtle, sweet, very delicious taste. Lychees have been a prized fruit in China for over 2000 years. When dried they are called lychee nuts.

Of course, I know you know how to open lychees.. but here is some inspiration.. 

Just use your thumbnail, or a small knife to tear and lift the peel off, it comes off quite easily if ripe.

If they are very fresh you have to peel the outer skin and an inner membrane, something like peeling an orange. If you are peeling a lot, use a small serrated knife to cut lengthwise around peel and slip out. If they have been stored awhile they slip out of their skin more easily. 

If the fruit is very ripe you can cut or tear the skin open and then pinch one end to propel the fruit easily out of its skin. 

When peeled the lychee looks like a peeled grape, but inside is a big seed. To remove, cut around the meat lengthwise to the seed and pull the meat away from the pointed end of the seed. It releases the seed quite easily if its ripe.

Select lychees which are a bright light red without blemishes. The skin is naturally tough and leathery, but pliable and not dull and dark or cracked or leaking. If it tastes bitter or sour, its not ripe. Lychees stop ripening once picked.

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