Saturday, March 17, 2007

blogging and the internet; universal human experience & consciousness

I found this letter from Robert Genn from
September 19, 2006 entitled 'The age of sharing' and am posting it.
R. Genn sends twice weekly letters,usually art
& often specifically painting related.
his website is
(ps I like what Jim had to say about blogging;
he suggested that maybe it was another small step

in the evolutionary journey of mankind,
going towards where everyone just knows what everyone

else is thinking, talking is not really necessary. : )
- sometimes I feel we are closer than most people imagine.)

Dear Robin,
Yesterday Laura Wambsgans of Santa Clarita, California wrote: 
"Last week I joined the artful soldiers painting 'A Painting a 
Day,' blogging each new work by the stroke of midnight. I'm 
learning more than I had imagined. The pressure is tremendous. 
All the while I'm wondering, is the Internet the new 'Wild, 
Wild West,' with rampant lawlessness and a new century gold 
rush? Or is it a speck on the sleeve of history? Then my mind 
drifts to you and what your thoughts might be?"
Thanks, Laura. You're a pioneer in one of history's great 
events. We now have the potential to connect our images, sounds 
and written words to every being on planet earth. This 
democratization cuts across all traditional lines--nation, 
religion, race, language and gender. Theoretically, it gives 
equal opportunity to all. For those who have a passion, wish a 
broader education, want to be part of something greater, or 
merely need to proclaim their presence, the Internet is here to 
The Internet is the New Frontier of friendship and brotherhood. 
It's an instrument of understanding that holds out the promise 
of a more peaceful world. Its galloping neurons will eventually 
penetrate every hut, tent, igloo, bungalow, saloon and bunker. 
Like the Wild West, its early lawlessness will be brought to 
order and tamed. Machine translations will let everyone know 
what's happening. As guardians of the new order we must try to 
keep the hucksters at bay and the bad guys out. We also need to 
neutralize those big players who would manage the menu.
Apart from the nascent commercial bonanza, creative people are 
suddenly swapping photos, paintings, poems, pedagogy and 
paradigms. A new blog floats into the blogosphere every second, 
a new idea every nanosecond. Without even getting into your 
flivver, you can now see what others in the Great Electronic 
Art Club have done in the last half hour. A tune composed in 
Perth, Australia, is immediately whistled, hummed and committed 
to an orchestra in London, England. Today, the lone artist 
rides with a hundred thousand others. The message of the medium 
is that the competition is tough and getting tougher. And 
quality finds friends. And different folks from different lands 
are not so different after all. Our Global Village is learning 
to share.
Best regards,
PS: "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens." 
Esoterica: As the Internet celebrates sharing, we are now in 
the process of reprogramming ourselves to a universal human 
experience. At the same time, the idealists among us still feel 
that diversity will prevail. In the words of Dr. Michael 
Beckwith of the International Spiritual Center: "We are on the 
planet to wrap our consciousness around the divine treasure 
within each of us." This implies individual empowerment, 
responsibility, and the need to be the best we can. "There are 
no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." (Marshall 

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