Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy week! - Sincerity event

Life is busy these days - so, what else is new..?? My motto lately I think is 'Work hard, Play hard!' ; ) ..and when you have an extra few minutes, post a blog so the rest of the world knows what you are up to!
Lots going on today - exciting dinner to prepare and transport to ACC - hosting special pre-concert dinner - fun .. and hosting a really interesting event tonight .. always a few other last minute things to keep you on your toes - kitchens can be very exciting -
esp with fun people to work with - salsa dancing and spanish lessons with Maria - we laughed most of the day & night & Angus kept us going with a steady truffle/ice cream.. etc supply ..Oh, and all the samples coming through - Frog Pond Farm organic wines - many great companies, therapists, healers - gemstones, jewellery, there was even a fashion show from Green is Black much great food! I was glad I remembered my camera tonight.
Above: nori made with sprouted quinoa, marinated mushrooms, avocado and lots of other veggies..
Below, the plating of lots of dip platters: mango chutney, olive tapenade, sprouted chickpea hummus with dehydrated crackers - Mexican and herb and onion.

Maria makes a kitchen lots of fun!!
Lots of zucchetti noodles..

Bowls of Basil Pesto Zucchetti topped with delicious dehydrated zucchini strips.

Pots of Beautiful Foolishness tea.

Maria decorated the plates of Raspberry, Cherry and Coffee Cardamon Truffles.

So delicious - I can't even begin to tell you!!! ( from Food not Candy)

Silvena from made up an incredible, informative book which everyone received a copy of - She created/hosted a wonderful event! Holistic Exploration for the Urban Spiritualist - Nice ! )

so much info..
many more pages - on so many other interesting subjects..

I gave Ganesh a special offering this morning - the little cup (on table in front of him) with a yellow flower and a little cup floating on the water with a date, goji berries and pumpkin seeds..
I'm sure he appreciates these offerings a lot - - it's the little things!! )))

Some of the Green is Black clothing was great - Oh, and the jewelery was incredible - some was all sterling silver - I could have bought so much there!! ..I restrained myself, but it was difficult and another lady had beautiful jewellery, mainly bracelets with gems - Oh, the garnets, and jade and aquamarine... and carnelian - hold me back - I am a huge gem collector!!! I have boxes of rocks - they are really hard for me to resist! Love them so much!!! such good vibrations!

& it was so pretty, so many candles..

Such a positive evening - on many levels - Creative, Abundant, Joy, Love, Bliss, Fun - it was all there!

Angus surprised Tracy with a special Apatite bracelet that she loved - that was very special!!!


Michelle J said...

Keiko, amazing looking food and amazing as always photos!! I always look forward to coming here to your blog to see what photos you post!!

Have a great weekend!! Work hard but i say play harder!!!!

HiHoRosie said...

Looks so fantastic and beautiful and fun! I wish I was there.