Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vision Quest

Just a short post - I have to head off - am working a full day, opening & closing, Rawlicious and on only a few hours sleep, cause I was off on another spiritual journey last night. I had many wonderful miracaos (visions) and am feeling so clear today (but a little tired) Hope I can pass it off, but my boss reads my blog, lol, oops. So a huge inner adventure and off to the spirit world. I did a lot of inner work last night, got some things straightened out about my past, spiritual sacred contract that have been made - important information on how the spiritual and material world interact, advice, knowledge and a beautiful unfolding sequence telling me that everything in the world (on our planet) is absolutely perfect and unfolding perfectly - every petal is unfolding at its perfect time - every breath is made exactly as is planned and everything has its reason - it is all perfect. We can not make a mistake.

I was enjoying the experience so much that I didn't have anything for grounding (food) after and floated in and out of beautiful scenarios - noting too profound, but beautiful, for the past few hours, maybe getting a few hours sleep in there, not sure..

Think I need food now though - Mangoes!
Mangoes are perfect for just about everything.. in my life!
Have the most beautiful day ever!


Michelle J said...

keiko, your posts lately are so inspiring and uplifting! I thank you for that! Everything from your photos to your words and even your silence speaks right to me!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Michelle - sending you big waves of optimistic bliss hugs - you now the ones where it feels like the universe is hugging you and you just love everything - those ones