Thursday, July 10, 2008

MC - Day 6 and Foraging - Miners Lettuce

Master Cleanse - Day 6
This morning I am waking up headachy.. and realize I forgot to take one of those c sagrada - the light lax caps last night. It was a busy evening. First it was busy at work - I took 2 ten min breaks all day.. we had decided to make crackers and it got busy.. so it's closing time & I am trying to spread the crackers quickly.. one thing about the master cleanse is you have lots of energy as long as you are drinking the lemonade.. once you stop well, then I guess it gets to be more like fasting.. I know I need one but well, once you start spreading crackers.. it's a bit messy and time consuming and I didn't want to stop. So I finally got one after and then my lovely co-worker - cleaning up the dishes, sees it sitting there & throws it out, only realizing after. (We were just rushing to close up)

I didn't take time to make another, waited till home, made 1 cup and then rushed to go out, well, long story short.. I feel kind of in fast mode - and headachy, but my own fault. Down deep though I am really feeling like I would like to do a water fast - that underlying thought may be creeping up in here subconsciously. hmm.. Oh, and my stomache was growling this morning like crazy - but again probably because I have only been drinking water lately.. and maybe not enough of that.
I took a cap this morning, they are so mild, I even question how much they do..
ouch, my head.. I would do the salt water internal cleansing part definitely this morning if I wasn't going into work.. it's the part I like least, I have done it once so far.. I will probably do it again near the end, think I am off work for the last 2 days. The salt water part is mixing 2 teaspoons salt water (non-iodized) with 1 quart water & then you drink it , & something about the solution being like the plasma in your blood it doesn't get absorbed or go through the kidneys. So it cleans the whole digestive tract and colon.. it's a little gross. ..but hey, my headache would be gone so under other conditions (getting to stay home all day) I would do it.

ok.. time to get ready.. I am pretty good at blocking pain, forgetting about it, putting my mind on something else. I have Spanish lessons downloaded to listen to on my way to work.

Oh, & I was doing a bit of websurfing last night & was watching Sergei and other foraging YouTube videos.. found something thats quite common but I haven't tried. Miner's lettuce - it grows a lot on the west side of Canada & US.. says from BC down to Arizona and California and also found now in the Caribbean and some parts of Europe. One day I will have to go on a trip to find and try this stuff.. it looks so good!

Stalking Wild Greens - Miners Lettuce


HiHoRosie said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

I have never seen or heard of Miner's lettuce before but now I'm going to have to be on the lookout for them. Thanks for sharing.

Mum said...

Day 6 ... good 4 You ! Are you feeling the high vibes I keep directing your way ?
I love you immensely, X O

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Rosie, Hi Mom!!
Thanks for the vibes, I think they worked.. I left for work and didn't even think about the headache again.
Cool! Thank you!
yes, Rosie, I hadn't seen or heard of it either.. I will definitely have to head out west sometime to try some out - Sergei says they taste great - & they look so good - very pretty!
Mmmm.. green smoothie!
(wait, thats later, for now...
mmm.. lemonade!! )