Monday, November 09, 2009

Inspirational Blogs

Hi. wow, I know its been awhile.. oops a week, thats not like me! ; ) It seems that when I was working full time and more busy I found more time for blogging, which seems strange. But life can be a little strange sometimes.

So, yes, I have a few things I have been meaning to tell you.. here & there I come across, or think of something interesting.. and then I just continue with my Spanish lesson.. and my creating raw recipes and experimenting there ..and all of a sudden its a week later. But the good news is that I am understanding lots of Spanish.. this has been a thing I have wanted and felt intimidated by (learning languages) pretty much my whole life..and they are fascinating. More than I even realized!! & so now that I have this time & I am just immersing myself in it.. listening to Radio from Spain, which sometimes I understand, sometimes not, reading, listening, watching.. and now I have a huge vocabulary arsenal, understand lots of what I hear.. still need to work more on verbs, but they're coming.. but I had a dream that I was understanding everything in Spanish but I couldn't help fix something because I couldnt speak.. so now I somehow have to get words out of my mouth.

I'm not so concerned with whats going in (lots of great things!! lol) but what needs to come out (Spanish words) ..and so I appologize that my focus has been elsewhere, its temporary.. cause if my schedule is correct I should be fluent any time soon..

So for now, when I think of those things, I will try to come post right away and not take so long. keep in touch ..come and say hi once a little more often. : )

& now, I am leaving you with some Random Inspirational Blogs - Inspiration is always good!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this awesome links;o)
Your pictures are amazing as usual!


Awaken Consciousness said...

Huge gratitude for listing Kniss Ink along with the rest! =)

Santari said...

Thank you for including my blog in your list. I love your fresh appeal and the delicious photos/images on your site ... yumm!!! I will come again - soon.

Conscious Vibe said...

Thanks for the link