Monday, May 14, 2007

Darryl Hannah, lovelife - Live Food Episode and Pure Food and Wine

Darryl Hannah has our car on her show!!!!
The exquisitely beautiful Tesla Roadster.. and also in RED!

You can see her show, about electric cars and with footage of the beautiful Tesla.

The dh love life show

"You can not make gasoline on the roof of your house. You can make electrons on the roof of your house.. you can power your car with your rooftop."

(Our, above, meaning my partner-to-be, who first found this car..
& who also told me Hannah is raw.

Last night I found this on YouTube

Daryl Hannah, Love Life - Live Food Episode

p.s. Oma is going to NYC. I told her she had to go to Pure Food and Wine for me.
Now Jim wants to take me this summer! : )
here's a clip for you.

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