Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I am reading a part in the 3rd Anastasia book (The Space of Love by Vladimir Megre) where she talks about being against systems. She has an anti-system. I like anti-systems. Systems never work out in the end when we apply them to our life because we are part of nature and nature doesn't go with systems, it is intuitive and flowing and changing all the time. Systems and rules are static, fixed, inert. ie. It would be hard to follow rules of watering outside plants according to a schedule because rain does not fall according to a schedule.

She asked if people in our society are happy & he replied, not very. Everyone seems to have something not quite right in their lives, not enough money, illnesses, quarrels etc. To that Anastasia questions how can we expect our children to escape the same unhappiness if we squeeze them into the same system we have all been brought up in.. that they will grow up to be like everyone else - not very happy. It is a repeated pattern.

"No Matter what the system. It is still only a system. It is always calculated to wean the heart and soul away from Man when he is still small and subject him to the system. So that he grows up like everyone else, in a way that will fit the system. And so it goes on for ages on end, so as to prevent the human soul from experiencing clarity of vision. To prevent Man from discovering himself in his beauty as a whole, with a God-given soul." p 108

I am blessed to have my Mom for may reasons. One most important one to me is for having been given the freedom when I was young to make decisions on my own. ..and treated with respect and honour for the decisions I made. I always felt - even if they were seemingly unwise decisions, that they were respected. Thank you!

Anastasia says in regard to parenting: "They must not interfere, they need to see their children clearly in their own thinking the way God himself has wished. It is the aspiration of all the forces of Light in the Universe that each newborn child be endowed with the very best of creation. It is the parents duty not to hide the creative light under the erudition of invented dogmas. For ages upon the Earth debates have arisen as to which system might be the wisest. But think about it yourself, Vladimir. Debates arise where Truth is hid from sight. Fruitless debates can go on forever more as to what might be found behind the closed door. But one only has to open the door and it will be clear to all, and there will be nothing to debate, since everyone will be able to see the Truth for himself."

Everyone wants happiness. But we have forgotten the way to happiness. "That is why we perpetrate violence out of good intentions".
We need to get back to nature and follow our hearts. We need to open the eyes of the soul and gain awareness. We need to look at life with an open heart.
There are many systems but there is only one Truth.

Your soul knows this Truth and it makes you very happy.

I wish all the Mothers everywhere a very Happy Mother's day!!!

P.S.I think eating raw leads one in a path towards the Truth. It's not something to debate, it is something that is felt deep in your soul.


Mathieu said...

happy mother's day raw mommy, and to her who sings and embraces us everyday... the gaia mother, who speaks through the wind in the leaves and all the wonderful mothers out there who inherit the label wonderful simply by giving birth.

Robin said...

Thanks. Yes, great thought - Happy Mother's Day to Mother earth!

& Happy Mothers day to all of us for having been born from Mother's and for living on and with Mother Nature.

Let's celebrate Mother's day, Earth Day, daily. Honor, cherish and appreciate her beauty, her nurturing and her abundance.

shebytches said...

I forgot to wish you a happy mothers day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

xo carolina