Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Ashes and Snow" photographer screens rarely-seen film

"Ashes and Snow" photographer screens rarely-seen film

For more than a decade, Gregory Colbert has traveled the world and collaborated with 40+ species to create "Ashes and Snow," a ground-breaking exhibition of more than 100 photographs and three films, housed in the Nomadic Museum. Colbert's extraordinary sepia-toned images reveal a rarely seen poetic beauty in man's relationship to the animal kingdom.


A Sprinkled Life said...

Happy Mother's Day Robin! Enjoy the day!

Robin said...

Thank you!
Hope yours has been wonderful also!

Anonymous said...


This is awesome! Just checking out your site. Had i have known, we could have chatted about Gregory Colbert , Saturday night. I'm a huge admirer of his work. I own two prints, The Winged Monk and Eagle with Dancer. I'm dying to see his exhibit, Ashes and Snow. I also own the dvd of his works.

Robin said...

I must have intuitively posted that for your benefit. ; )
He is truly one of the most amazing artists. His work is so inspiring.
Cool. I have a friend ho saw his exhibition in NY (last year, year before??) He was blown away by it.. raved about it. I would love to see it also.
Was so great seeing you!!! Hugs!