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Anastasia's Ray

I am reading book 3 in the Ringing Cedar Series about Anastasia. But there are a few things in the 1st book that I keep thinking back on. So I am going back to book 1.. this part, about her Ray, is from Chapter 7.

In it Vladimir tells about the invisible ray she fact a ray that we all have, only most of us do not know about it & are unable to make use of it. She talks about there being nothing in technology, nothing created by Man which is not already in Nature. She tells him about daydreams, visualizing, intuition. She talks about dreams.. and interestingly how we are able to control our dreams. (lucid dreaming). We see our dreams usually as chaotic and random but we have lost the ability to control our dreams. We are meant to be able to control not only them but also other natural phenomena and ourselves.

This invisible ray gives you the ability to see individuals at a great distance and what is going on in their lives. Through it you can "obtain information or transmit. It can cheer up a person's mood or partially take away someone's illness. There are lots of other things it can do, depending on the energy available and the degree of feeling, will and desire."
The ray "consists of information one possesses - concepts, intuitions, emotional feelings and as a result, of dream-like visions consciously controlled by Man's will."

With it you can see the future and the past -"they are pretty much the same thing. It is only the external details that are different. The essence always remains unchanged."
.."for example, a thousand years ago people wore different clothes. They had different instruments at their disposal. But that is not the essence. Back a thousand years ago, just like today, people had the same feelings. Feelings are not subject to time.
"Fear, joy, love. Just think, Yaroslav the Wise,Ivan the Terrible, and the Egyptian pharaohs were all capable of loving a woman with exactly the same feelings as you or any other man today."

Vladimir asks Anastasia about training or exercises that may be developed to make the ray stronger. to which she responds that that may possible help. However, she say there is one absolute condition before the ray can be controlled by the will...
"It is absolutely necessary to keep one's thoughts pure, as the strength of the ray depends upon radiant feelings."
Pure thoughts and radiant feelings are what power the ray.

P.S. in science, a phenomenon like this ray is known as a torsion field.

P.P.S. This reminds me of something that Jinjee wrote before.
She said how Storm told her that to stay on the raw food diet one had to be pure of heart. That thought stayed with me ever since I read it. & so if this is true.. raw foodists would have the strongest rays! : ) !!!

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