Friday, May 11, 2007

Raw news - Restaurants and articles with glass mandalas

In the Raw news..
In Lowell, they're lining up for Life Alive cafe's raw deal

from - May 9, 2005
by Rosie DeQuattro

& their website - Live Alive

Raw affirmation - Australia - May 8, 2007
by Christine Mahlke

This article is about Gafe Gratitude. Jessica, raw culinary artist, came by work yesterday, she just got back from California, where she tried out all the raw restaurants - Julianos, his trippy, dark restaurant.. she saw him come through with his spaced-out looking girlfriend, grabbing a bottle of something.. I don't know - I have heard lots of stories about him.. he's just so out there - like he's from another planet. He really intrigues me. ..but anyway.. she said Cafe Gratitude was by far the best restaurant of all!

another article, another restaurant. This time in NYC..

Pure Food and Wine's David Moltz Hangs With Gisele, Chases Raw Foodists for Tips

NY Restaurants - Ask a waiter - May 1, 2007

quickly now.. raw recipes here (like the look of their pomodoro)

& Finally.. last but not least.. I really liked this one. written by the editor of Common Ground Magazine, Todd Spencer, about his brother who's gone raw.

Oh, P.S. 1 more - this one's too good!

We Like it Raw

The ultimate fringe food culture sexes it up for the mainstream

Whole Life Times - May 2007 - by Becca Campbell and Ritzy Ryciak

P.P.S. - There was a sushi article that would have gone with this one.. had I chose to include it.. I didn't.. but I really like koi! (I've painted them a few times. : )

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