Friday, February 22, 2008

In Gratitude of Raw - a Blessed Life

Sometimes you have to wonder - why is it there are these billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and millions upon millions of growing sick people and there doesn’t seem to be any health benefit to it. The drug companies are getting richer and people are getting sicker.. what’s up? How long is it going to take before we say Enough! How long until we wake up and start looking around.. Why do some people glow and have lots of energy? Why do animals living in the wild not develop allergies and get cancer?

Sometimes I think we get caught up in this complicated world of ours and think that the answers must be complicated. We give credit and praise to our doctors (who are trained in schools subsidized by pharmaceutical companies) and to scientists who are trained in molecular biology , to Rockets scientists and brain surgeons.. when all the while the real answers and deep truths are hidden right in front of our noses. We are so close to the answer we don’t see it, it’s all too easy. The big answers about life lie inside each one of us. For health we only need look at nature.. eat an apple from a tree or pick and eat some will greens from our backyard, which is probably one of the most nutritious things you will find, and free.

I often marvel at how could it have been possible that it only occurred to me that the best way to be healthy was to eat natural – uncooked, fresh produce. And this simple and profound realization only came when I was already 40 years old!!! How can this incredible revelation, that shook my very existence, and brought me closer to my true nature, that transformed me into someone so much stronger, vital and happy – How can it be that I only discovered this so late in life?? ..that such a simple realization had never even been a consideration before that. Why hadn’t I heard of this or had it presented as a viable option earlier in my life.. especially when compared to the processed lives most of us live, eating raw works miracles. Why are we living with all this processed food and in such a disease and sickened society when we can easily be living in a much more healthy and happy one?

I consider myself incredibly blessed to have found this lifestyle – the Power of eating Raw – and so is anyone else who has not only discovered it and has had access to the information, but especially are those who have actually tried it and felt the difference it can make. We are beyond fortunate- we are truly blessed.

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