Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Juice feasting - Superfoods and Blog - Inspiration

Even though I am if'y on participating fully, I am really inspired and being motivated by the upcoming Global Juice Feast starting in a few days - March 1.

It's so inspiring to think of so many people getting this health buzz on and all the healing and cleansing and ..healing and cleansing ..and happiness and bliss that is going to be going on.

I am just taking a break to checkout their site more fully. I love the idea of combining superfoods and potent supplements with juicing! Check out their page on supplements here.

Some of my favorites are: Bee pollen, Blue-green algaes (E3Live, Chlorella, Spirulina), Phytoplankton, Kelp, Mushrooms ( Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Agaricus, Cordyceps etc), Herbs (Astragalus, Fo-Ti, Nettle, Ginkgo Biloba etc), Coconut oil, Cayenne.

..but I don't see Cacao on that page, must be able to get that in somehow!!
I think I would have to modify, if not.
! )
& Mate (Yerba Mate) I am drinking it right now! (pic mainly to show off my cool Mate cup which a friend sent me from Uruguay.) This is where I have been almost all day working on my book but also mainly on a menu & recipe ideas for Rawlicious.

The other big thing in my life right now has been lots of cleaning and purging stuff, decluttering. A lot has happened very quickly in this past week. There is now a 'For Sale' sign in front of my house. A real estate agent was just here a couple hours ago showing the place. ...(wow!)

but bringing it back to the Juice Feasting- Decluttering goes well with cleaning up inside also!!

Check out the Juicefeasting Blog also for more inspiration - thats where I am getting mine!
& Thats where got the cute Flower Shower pic also!

Spread the Love! ..Bliss forward and Radiate! xox


Michelle J said...

Hi Keiko, first off thanks for mentioning the gjf. I was all set to participate and then, i'm not sure what happened but somehow i do not think i am ready for it. I feel a bit like a failure even before i started...ah well, life is all about learning right?
Also, i want to thank you again for posting my blog here on yours, it has brought lots of new people to read my blog, so thanks so much!!! And, i agree cacao should be on the list of supplements!!!! :O)

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Michelle, my pleasure!
& I know how you feel about not feeling ready for it. I thought I might do it also a few months ago, but with so much going on.. as much as I love the idea & wish I was, I know I am not up for it either. & Thats ok!
I think instead of feelinglike a failure (& I doubt you do really, but I'll say this anyway) I think we should just congratulate ourselves and feel great about all the wonderful things we do for ourselves. & for listening to our bodies and knowing its just not the right time- our time will come..maybe we'll be juice feasting together at the 2nd annual one in 09.
Glad your with me on the cacao! lol.. actually cacao seems to be quite controversial so I don't blame them for not going there,
Oh, Just checked - they do mention it on Day 74, which is all about Cacao - one line states "Cacao is not suitable for consumption during a cleansing process, but afterwards, ENJOY!"
Well, there you have it, they did address it, with a page of interesting info.
Cool! (Black...; )
Great hearing from you!

Michelle J said...

Hi Keiko, thanks for putting it in perspective!! I was just really feeling down on myself and here it is March 1st 3.49PM and i just ate a chocolate macaroon from One Lucky Duck! :O)..i suppose i could have juiced the mararoon!

"Cacao is not suitable for consumption during a cleansing process, but afterwards, ENJOY!"

Ha, well now i know i made the right decision, not being able to consume some cacao would just not be right!!! :O) 09 here we come!!

Love Ya