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Almonds, Mike Adams on natural, organic and processed foods and Milk

I am really into almonds lately, drinking lots of almond milk, almond cookies and now this evening I am making almond squares - a recipe I just made up and think is going to be amazing.. just put them in the dehydrator & will try them for breakfast. (& if they're amazing,of course I am going ot share the recipe! )

One of the great thing about dehydrating sweet stuff (including cereal, cookies, fruits) is the incredible aroma from it.. its a great thing to wake up to!

Tonight though I want to share a bit on the Mike Adams online seminar.. post a few of the interesting topics he talked about.

Nourish the body correctly & it will heal itself. (We know this- but it's just so important!)

He talked about there being over 500 phytochemicals in each natural food( & they are constantly discovering more & more all the time). Natural foods (fruits,vegetables, nuts, seeds) are so complex! Each one of these phytochemicals has a medicinal effect on the body - and also each of the other 499+ of them have their effects.. and the effects of all of them together working synergystically.
Our body has an incredible wisdom that knows what to do with these nutrients, whether science understands it or not.
Our body is 100% biocompatible with medicine from food.

He talked a lot about organics & the benefits.
Organic produce contains a lot more vitamins,minerals and nutrients.
It's better for our water systems/ecology,not as harmful for our environment.
Less CO2 emissions. (also eating vegetarian and locally produces wayyy less, so much of what we eat is flown in from other countries,often from the other side of the globe!)

He talked about 3 types of consumers:
  1. Those who don't read labels. They listen and shop according to ads. These people are typically the ones who will suffer depression, sickness, aches & pains, marital difficulties, diseases - cancer, diabetes, etc...
  2. Those who read the front of boxes and the claims made by them. These people are going to be confused but still suffer negative heath effects.
  3. Those who read the back of boxes and the list of ingredients. These people are starting to get into health - recognizing and staying away from things like MSG and partially-hydrogenated oils, etc (things they can't pronounce)
& then he mentioned a 4th type - Those who don't buy boxes. (That's us super-healthy ones! : )

The Honest Food Guide- Great guide for shopping - download and printout here

Manufacturers of processed foods know that consumers are looking for MSG and have ways of hiding it in their products now under a multitude of names. The most common one is yeast extract which is in over 20% of the packaged processed goods in the grocery store.

Further info on MSG labelling from here.
Foods always contain MSG when these names are in the ingredient list: Monopotassium glutamate, Glutamate, Glutamic acid, Gelatin, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, Hydrolyzed plant protein, Sodium casinate, Calcium caseinate, Textured protein, Tortulla yeast, Yeast extract, Autolyzed yeast, Yeast food, Yeast nutrient.
Foods often contain MSG when these names are listed: Malted barley, Malt extract, Malt flavoring, Maltodextrin, Carmel flavoring (coloring), Stock, Broth, Bouillon, Carrageenan, Whey, Whey protein, Whey protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate,Pectin, Protease, Protease enzymes

Manufacturers don't want to change the ingredients, easier to change the label.

If a product says Fat free or Trans fat free - this does not mean it is still not loaded with trans fatty acids. There are loop holes and cracks in the system to hide these under.
A product can have up to .5 grams of fatty acids per serving and claim its 0. And a serving size can be whatever they choose.. so say 1 cookie is a serving, but if you sit down and eat a whole bag - 32 cookies could = 16 grams of trans fatty acids! That could be a heart attack.

Milk - 1st - Why are we drinking infant formula from a furry bovine species?
& 2nd - If so, why Pasteurized?? (Read- The China Study)

Raw milk is fermented and a living food which can be beneficial to human health.
There is a huge difference between dead (pasteurized) milk and living milk which is alive with enzymes, nutrients intact and much more digestible.
Mike Adams challenges people to try a 30 day milk-free diet.
Interview with Robert Cohen, author of "Milk, the Deadly Poison", excerpted from here -

Mike Adams:
I've recommended to readers they take a 30-day no-dairy test. Seven days is also plenty, if you're aware of your body, to see the difference, but what can people really expect to change. You've mentioned some of the things, but what about the long-term health improvements? If someone gives up milk, what can they expect to happen in a month or in a year?

Robert Cohen: Well, you know, it's interesting you ask that question, because the Townsend Medical Letter, which is a doctor's letter written by doctors for doctors, over 180,000 get it, in the May of 1995 issue, they talked about cow's milk, the symptoms, that they've been linked to a variety of health problems -- mucus production, hemoglobin loss, allergies, and numbers 8, 9, and 10 on their list were mood swings, depression, and irritability. Now, you think about people who have mood wings, depression and irritability, and many people blame it on Epstein-Barr virus, being middle-age crisis prone.

Mood swings, depression and irritability -- you take estrogen every day, with progesterone and melatonin and all of these different female hormones that are coming from pregnant cows, and it's going to mess you up. I can't even tell you what it's even going to do to you. But I know that we become very hormonal, depressed, mood swings, depression and irritability -- give it up. It really is an easy solution. You can spend thousands of dollars with your doctor, and take all sorts of medication, and give kids Ritalin, but there's no need for it! Just go not milk -- completely dairy-free.

...dramatic results, especially with attention deficit disorder, autism -- we're seeing such dramatic changes in children who go completely dairy-free.

Mike Adams: What about the long-term prevention of chronic disease?

Robert Cohen: There's a place on this planet where they have more people living over age 100 than anywhere else, where the average woman lives to age 86, where people don't even need x-ray machines because they don't get breast cancer or osteoporosis. That place is 160 islands between Japan and Taiwan called Okinawa. Now the book was written by Wilcox and Suzuki called "The Okinawa Plan," and you read that these people are eating 1/20th the amount of calcium that we do, yet they don't get bone breaks.

And you'll read the analysis of calcium intakes all over the world -- South Africa they're eating under 100 milligrams a day, in America 980, and yet we have 14 times the rate of pelvic fractures. It's not the calcium you eat, it's not the cow's milk you eat -- it's the protein, the animal protein that causes the acid condition in the blood which your body must neutralize, and it does so by leaching calcium from your bones. And this is the real science -- this is not the goofy milk mustache ad marketing -- this is the real science that you find in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the truth that most Americans are not getting.

Pics from The Ethicurean - Chew the Right Thing post - Don't sterilize our nuts: Take Action on Almonds.


shell said...

aren't almonds the best! they are the only nut i really use, apparently they are the only alkaline nut...thanks for the inspiration to make cookies...i will post my cookie experiment on my blog soon. :) love you xxxxx

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Shell..I just went and posted my almond square recipe before replying.
In honour of almonds. I didn't realize that almonds were alkalizing.. very interesting. I just looked it up on a chart here:

Thanks for sharing that.. and looking forward to your cookie recipe. I will stay tuned. Much love back!!! xox

Anonymous said...

The age is an Average age. Okinawa does not have a Compton CA or Southside Chicago with high crime. To many variables to say it's "the calcium" that makes them live longer. My brother was stationed in Okinawa, he said it was absolutely beautiful-maybe the low stress is the reason they live long, not the lack of X-rays. Just my opinion, and yes, almonds due rule.