Sunday, February 24, 2008

Juice Feasting - Global Juice Feast

There is a Global Juice Feast starting on March 1 - 2008 - in 1 week!!

This is going to be a huge online gathering of people juicing together. I have heard about it from many sources, friends - in person & online - and was seriously considering taking part in it also. It is such a phenomenal idea! But because of the huge transitions (my house is being listed in a few days, & lots of other things ..), I am taking it a bit slower - and just feeling good about staying raw. However, I will be supporting and definitely be drinking juice in spirit with all the feasters. Its a great idea! .. and who knows, maybe I will join on board also.

I love that you can do this while still maintaining your regular daily routine.

Here are some details from the Juice Feasting website:

The Global Juice Feast will be an annual event, with a different host city each year, starting with San Francisco in the United States, and moving to another host country in 2009.

This is the first time in human history that such a program of such massive personal and global potential has been available to so many, due to the fact that persons can cleanse to completion by Juice Feasting, and still maintain their daily lives at home with no interruptions financially or in their family life. The internet has made possible the dissemination of this valuable information. At we have made detailed instructions on all questions pertaining to Juice Feasting available at no cost, only the optional companion 92-Day Juice Feasting program requires a subscription.

An online community of persons doing the Global Juice Feast will be created at, available to all who register, again, at no cost to the public, making global support accessible to everyone.

Juice Feasting is a paradigm shift that will utterly transform the world of healing, nutrition, and health. Because of its simplicity (even for persons who know little about diet or health), deep nutritional foundation, its effectiveness grounded in the science of fasting, and potential for significant healing while maintaining one’s daily life, Juice Feasting is designed to serve as a new and lasting foundation for personal and global transformation.

Through cross-training and not just hyper-focusing on our diet as part of our personal evolution, we recognize that shifting to a diet of nutrient-dense plant foods is not an act that exists by itself, but part and parcel of a larger determination to acknowledge who you are at a fundamental level and to live your authenticity to the best of your ability. In 1984, George Orwell coined the word doublethink to describe the act of knowing one thing and doing something else. When it comes to something as fundamental as your foods source, shifting to a non-toxic, life-affirming, worldcentric diet of nutrient-dense live foods encouraged by Juice Feasting will inform and support your choices in every avenue of your life. Those who are most successful at this draw in with purpose the best persons, information, events, environments, and experiences possible – and this makes the challenge of moving into live foods easier, as it is just one aspect of a greater life transformation.


Healthy Heather said...

sounds utterly delicious!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Heather - yes, it's a wonderful idea.. Just checked out your blog, you are off to a wonderful start! Looks great - All the best!!