Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adding in the Good Stuff

I was just thinking about the #1 piece of advice that I felt was important from the David Wolfe event we had in December.. its a simple thing but heres the 1 thing I am feeling most like getting across- There are so many things that we can do to improve our health and well-being.. so many that sometimes it can be overwhelming, esp when you hear of them all at once:

sungazing, phytoplankton, superfoods, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, green smoothies, green juices, wear a zapper, walk barefoot, remove mercury fillings, make super Chinese herbal teas, chocolate & gojis (ok, thats super easy), rebound, exercise, stretch, infrared saunas, massage, reiki, shiatsu, wheatgrass, go to bed early, sleep under the stars, spend lots of time outdoors, eat raw, drink more water, get oxygen, take turmeric, etc etc..

All together its a lot. But it just takes one thing.. pick any one thing that is easy for you to do. Just add one thing to your routine. ..just one thing can get you on an upward spiral.. or a further upward spiral ; ) and you will find yourself feeling better and then you will add another thing..

I find I flux through these different things.. some are staples and some come and go as they fit into my lifestyle at the time. Just try to do the best you can to feel the best you can and you will find yourself feeling better and better. No pressure, no guilt.. just add as much as you comfortably can.

These are Meaghans Vibram Five Finger shoes, which I have yet to experience..but excited to get my first pair one day soon. ; ) David was wearing them also. Barefoot technology. I love them!

& I have been wearing my zapper a lot since hearing David talking about it again. Its another superhero device, and he inspired me.. it seems to be more powerful than I realized. He says he has worn his every day for the past 4 years!! So now, mines attached to me lots.. but more on that another day.. Peace out my friends!! xo Love & Sunshine!

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