Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beaches, Inspiration, Love and Peace

This is Veradero, the beach I will be on tomorrow afternoon. : ) Just set my alarm for 3 am!! Got an excessive amount of superfoods packed - gojis, cacao, chlorella, maca, enzymes, lots of dried mushrooms - keep the immune system high ..and a big bag of granola and dehydrated spiced nuts and seeds..

I hear internet is Very slow, like dial up.. so bringing a small laptop but not expecting to post here until I get back in a week. & then hopefully one full tropical fruit, salads and beach scenes!! Yay, Sun!!! I'm craving the sun! : )

ok, I'm almost packed.. gone in a few hours. See you in a week.. xo!!! Love and peace
JJ Cale - Crazy Mama

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