Friday, July 20, 2007

Food energy, NB trip booked! green juice kick

A few of us were talking about the energy in food at work yesterday. One guy there, who has a very, very, pure raw diet said that he couldn't even eat the food made by some people. Some people are very sensitive - you get to be more so the more you clean you are inside.

Another guy told this story: There was a saint and he used to travel and visit others a lot. One time he was staying in this place and in the middle of the night he got up in the night and stole all the silverware. He woke up the morning and was wondering why he did that. Later that day he found out that the person who had been preparing his food was a thief.

I love a good story!

I am really excited because ..wait.. uh-oh, overflowing inbox (which is a great thing) but I'm looking for something. Yes!!! From Sat 28 - Aug 4 I will be in NB. Mom booked my flight..I love you Mom!!!!
I told her last night that it would be cool to just go sit in a forest for a week
I doubt if we will really end up doing that.But I kind of feel like a nature vacation. But whatever we do doesn't really matter to me. I just want to BE & being together will be great!

I have to go. I am on a green juice kick right now. ..someone brought me a 32 oz bottle of it yesterday & I feel like getting into it. So I am going to juice & fill up the bottle to bring to work with me. I have been putting on some weight this past month or two.. not a lot, maybe 5 lbs, but I really feel it and I feel so much better without it. I figure a week or less I'll be back at my normal weight.. just stop eatling by 6 or 7 or 8, eat lighter for a few days. I had been eating a lot lately. & More conscious eating. Like skipping the cheesecake right before bed kind of thing. & I've been excersing more& that feels great. Went to the gym last night.. hardcore cardio.

Oh yeah, juice ..sometimes I can just sit & write& write & write..
Have a spectacular day!!! Light & fresh & clean ..and energetic,and fun.. & & & & ..uh-oh, its going to be one of those types of days! Have a great one!

ps. I am wondering if I should bring my laptop & post? hmm.. I think maybe.


Anonymous said...

Have you read "Like Water for Chocolate"? One of my favorite books.

By all means take your laptop! Lol!

I appreciate your offer to help with the pictures. I am afraid I am so unenlightened about such things that you might not be able to help!

Have a wonder~full day, it sounds like it is starting off well!

As always, enjoying your writing,

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Connie, My friend Amy told me about that book & I almost bought it. I walked around the store with it in my hand and then changed my mind when I saw all the raw recipe books. I leafed through it lots waiting for my Mom in the art section.. it did look really good. I think cause the recipes were cooked (lol) & I got the gist of what it was saying.. (Amy had told me some) But really I should sit with the book and read it, its not very long. Thanks for the suggestion.

& about uploading pics.. it really is easy. If you can attach pics or files to e-mails you would be able to do this. There should be a little picture icon on the toolbar right above where you type out your post. If you put your mouse over that it will say add image. Click on it.. then you will have to browse in your computer to find the image you want to add.
I couldn't find an e-mail to send this info just to you.. but e-mail me & I can explain in more detail.

shell said...

hi lovely :)
your posts are so much fun. I look forward to them!
I can relate to the food sensitivity....In my journey, when i was eating in a very light and pure way, i felt like i was on quite a different did make me feel less connected to a lot of people....and very sensitive to pollution, difficult people etc.....when i stopped doing 100% i found myself much more engaged with the world....and connected to people (yet less bouncy!!). SOmewhere, there is a balance....a way to be light, fresh and clean, yet still connected and engaged (it helps that i have a lot more raw friends in my life now)....ever exploring!!

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Shell.
I know exactly what you mean. I Love the raw feeling.. but it can be like floating or on another plane sometimes. But I love it & feel like this is the way I am supposed to be. I can't go back to cooked, even though I also experience this disconnection with people sometimes.. I just figure thats part of it & give much thanks for the raw people in my life who get it and are in it with me..

Like crystals cluster together.
If I have become a lighter clearer more pure crystal- I have no need to dull myself to connect with the duller crystals. I want to be with the other crystals like me. ..With like minds & spirits.
just a thought..
Thanks for yours!

shell said...

lovely thought! :)
*sparkley sparkle*
i get that about wanting to be with the other crystals....
it's when i am with family i love dearly but who are not raw....that's when i feel at odds...cuz deep down i feel we are all diamonds...all we can do is BE the light we wish to see in the world