Tuesday, July 17, 2007

80-10-10, final notes on the parasite cleanse, Markus Rothkranz

Good Morning!

1st thing. I mentioned yesterday all the 80-10-10er's gasping at my crazy smoothie concoction yesterday.. lol But - I do want to add that I realize that this pure way of eating is probably the best way to eat over-all. I know people who are following this diet & swear by it & say it is the best. I do trust this is the case. It is just too strict a diet for me right now. I love the way I eat, feel great ..I would love to try it sometime but I know I am just not ready for it.

I really appreciate the knowledge that came from it in helping me with my parasite cleanse dilemma. (esp Marjorie (Greenmama) & Aranka- Thank you! ..& you too Shell, always appreciate your input!) But I got a lot from the 80-10-10, natural diet way of seeing things..

So as far as the cleanse, I ended up almost finishing the bottle of pills & the tincture, they were very harsh herbs and I felt not very great while I was taking it - emotional, sensitive, & kind of down. (Although a girl at work said my down was like her up : ) I realized that they were not only killing any parasites or whatever I may have had, which I really doubt I had much or many of, but killing my life force as well. Aranka told me that if I had parasites from being a previous meat-eater it probably would take about 5 years of eating raw to clean out my body of them naturally.. that seemed like a long time. But she asked, whats the rush? I was not feeling bad, the opposite in fact.. I have been feeling great.

I think sometimes I look around at the unhealthy people around me & that makes me want to run in the other direction. I am so happy now that I have finished with that idea that I needed to do this cleanse.. it was intense, for me anyway. & I feel so good & happy to be back!!!

Note - Sometimes, however, a parasite cleanse can be a very good thing.. like after traveling or for meat eaters etc.

ok, 2nd & the main thing I wanted to post is this link I came across last night at Connie's Naked Food Cafe:


Markus has a video, if you scroll down & click on the link for the 9 minute video trailer.

Its worth the watch.. I found it kind of funny but maybe thats just me, it is inspiring in a bleach blond, show off the body, California kind of way.

I really like his good & bad list which I am posting for those not going to the page.. but really, go to the page!! His work is pretty impressive also.. he's a very talented man.


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Oranges for breakfast from http://www.wheatonhealthfoods.com


Anonymous said...

He was so very Los Vegas wasn't he? LoL! The raw food Siegfried and Roy! :-)

Anonymous said...

'scuse me, Las Vegas! LoL!

Greenmama said...

You know, sometimes it isn't enough to read something or get advice, you have to try it for yourself. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better!

I enjoy reading your musings and unique perspective on life.

Oh, and thanks for posting the link to Connie's blog. How have I never been there before?!?


Keiko Ti said...

Hi Connie, yes very! lol but he definitely is enthusiastic.. but aren't more raw foodists!!! ; )
Thanks for the link!

Greenmama, I really appreciate the advice you gave me concerning the parasite cleanse.. thank you so much!
& you were right, I did need to try it.. but I never felt better stopping something 1/2 way through. Hugs!