Friday, July 13, 2007

Name Karma

The pic doesn't have anything to do with the topic.. well, it's from koochekoo's blog, so maybe it does ; )

I was thinking about name karma. It's very interesting.. and although I am sure its not always the case, quite often a persons name will give you some insight into them. Not to mention I am sure we are given clues in our life. I am thinking personally here, my real name is Robin Robinson.. not to mention my middle name is Roberta. ( I usually don't share this with everyone.. and now I am, oh well ; ) ..but, think about it: Ro x3= Raw, Raw, Raw. The universe probably had a good laugh over that one. I married into the Robinson part, I had just had a baby when we got married & the family unit issue seemed more important than the name.. and in fact, I barely thought about the name, as a name.

I was thinking about Spencer Tunick, the artist who photographs all the naked people all over the world (tunic - men wore them in the greco-roman civilization - often under the toga.. and were always taking them off, toga parties - remember? lol)

and my son, Nicholas.. are all Nicholas's very active, seems that way.. and all Brandon's active in a more wild kind of way.. I have been watching them, seems that way to me.

lots of examples, but what I am really thinking about is all the Matt's in the raw food world.. do some names really lend toward a certain personality or type of person? I think often the answer is Yes. Raw Matt's:
Matt Monarch - Raw Spirit
Matt Amsden - Rawvolution
Matt Samuelson - great Raw chef (partner of Elaine Love)
Matthew Kenney - Raw Food - Real World
Matthew Engelhart - Cafe Gratitude

I love the quote from this last link:

"Abundance can be had by simply consciously receiving what has already been given." Sufi Saying

Have an abundant day! Say yes.

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