Monday, July 09, 2007

Raw Love

Raw foods are about love. Raw food is Love!

Eating raw fills you with life energy. This leads to optimism, feelings of bliss, happiness, joy. You see the light in things more.. are drawn to the light, to are filled with light.

When you eat raw you are filling your body with the purest water available. Water which is filtered through plants - this pure prismatic source of water reflects the light (plant energy) inside of you.
It's no wonder raw foodists feel so amazing!!!

Not to mention karma and feeling great about not eating or harming animals, not polluting the planet nearly as much, if at all..depending on the rest of your lifestyle.

Raw living naturally makes you love yourself. How can you not? are doing the very best for yourself and feeling great. When you have love within yourself, when you are full of love you have love for everyone and everything else. It is when you are empty that you need love from other sources, go around looking for love, seeking it out.. and you can get it temporarily but soon you will be empty again. A true satiating source of love has to come from within.

& when you truly are full of love you don't want to hurt anything else, other people, animals, the planet. You just want to share the love, to give it out.. & the more you have, the more you have.. it's a cycle. Raw is an upward rotational path. Raw is Love.

Eat raw and feel the love.. Be love!


shell said...

it's's's oh so true!! :)
Be the love you wish to see in the world!
love this post. love love love xxx

Jennifer said...

I love vegetables! But don't like eating them raw. I fully agree with what you're saying. For me though it took allot of effort for me to go vegan. When I'm ready I'll go to eating them raw one day but no time soon.