Saturday, July 28, 2007

My new paintings

Thought I would post my new flower paintings b4 I pack this up. I am not painting today.. out of herein less than an hour. Drinking my massive green smoothie.. how would I live without these?? Lots of great chocolate packed.. almonds and an avocado in my purse.. lots of mangos in my suitcase.. lol The rest of my family won't eat them. Listening to a great trip soundtrack.. thanks for making me these amazing cd's Em. Loving it!!! Boys r all still sleeping upstairs.. I'm probably out of here b4 they wake up... its a minute countdown now, better get this into my suitcase. & I've got the massive Urantia & Anastasias packed, of course - not many clothes - 1 pair of my fav shorts, which I am going to wear all week, 3 bathing suits & wrap skirts - Thats what I plan on doing!!! Thats it! Am off.. write you soon, from sunny (hopefully) NB. Ciaooo... xo


shell said...

i *love* your paintings!!, especially the one of the white flowers, there's a real sense of moving energy in that painting.
I'm inspired to paint!
Go well and have a fab week with your mum :)
love+light xox

Anonymous said...

Love your paintings. After reading your blog for a while now, I can feel your energy in your art. Your spirit must be full of raw vivd color, light, and ~zest*iness~

Does NB stand for New Brunswick? Have to translate for us in the US, I was trying to figure out how you would walk on the beach in Nebraska! LoL! (Actually NE)

I looked up New Brunswick on google, and it looks like a lovely place. Hope you are enjoying ever minute!

Love and Light!

Em said...

Wonderful artwork. Such vibrant colors - such energy, yet soothing on the eye.

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks, so much encouragement and warmth and love. You should paint Shell, its really fun. & really good for you, any creative expression is great. (I liked the white one also)
The trip was great, thanks for the wishes. New Brunswick is great.. but thats my motherland, so yk, I'm a little biased. ; ) Thanks Connie, & Thanks Em..appreciate the encouragement and comments! Hugs!