Sunday, July 01, 2007

Anastasia book & cedar nuts, International Festival at Harbourfront, new shoes, Young coconuts, Yonge St and Karl Anthony's prayer

Highlights of my life lately:

At work, Friday - a customer, after eating lunch and leaving walks back to the cash where I am and says something about Anastasia. I am amazed.. 'You're reading Anastasia too??' (I have finished book 4 and am trying to get book 5.. trying to order it online but the distributor is out of stock) He tells me that I can get book 5, just 2 blocks away at Seekers (great bookstore!) and that #6 just came out earlier this month! ..& he offered to pick it up for me (at 15$- deal!) and cedar nuts and a cedar pendant for me from the Russians (distributor) when he goes back to see them next week. I am now the proud owner of Book 5 & also a couple packages of cedar nuts which he brought in yesterday for me. Yay!!!

Yesterday at work. I got my kitchen back for the day. It's been a little scary at work.. the cooked foodists are infiltrating,'s a profit thing. Money? what's so important about money?? I guess I'm a little naive.. it seems to me that health and happiness are more important.. but, hey, I get it.

Then last night, Mi-san & I went out. The Harbourfront was so much fun!! Live bands, lots of people, International festival, vendors. I found the best shoes!!! Mola Vida! & Claudia is going to try to get a pair of boots made for me without leather - Mi-san & I were suggesting hemp.. and a wallet to match.. she thinks they will do it. I will be sooo happy!

The coconut incident.. we found the Tropical hut with lots & lots of cut-up veggies & they will open young coconuts to drink (the green ones) & then halve them so you can eat the meat after you drink the water out.
1st coconut of the season! Heaven!!!
So, Mi-San gets hers.. and then mine comes and she thinks it is not good.. so he drinks it & opens another, it's the same.. I'm ok with it, hey I've drank worse. but she insists.. so he opens a 3rd.. it's the same. Actually I think it was that it wasn't very mature.. there is not much taste in the really young ones.. the ones that are more mature have more meat & are much sweeter. So this time we leave with our coconuts.. but too embarrassed to go back to get him to open them, Mi-san decides to smash it open herself.. this was the best! It was beautiful out, & we were out right by the water.. she smashes it down and it doesn't break and almost goes into the water. close. She tries again. I am covering to catch it in case it does the same thing.. It does, but swifto me misses it and it goes past, a family is right behind me, it goes past them, I can't get it & then we watch it slowly roll over & right into the water.. maybe its a had to be there thing but it was so hilarious.. we looked at each other & burst out laughing. I was cracking up so hard.. bent over holding my stomache cause it was hurting cause I couldn't stop.. crying & everything.. what a riot! We chalked it up to Karma. .. but then we went & bought another, promised to eat the 1st one, we made up.. it was all good, very fun.

Lets' see.. so much, g2g tho.. Nathan Phillips square - jazz festival, hung outside for 5 min, 35$ to get in. ..looked fun but we headed to Yonge. The Mexican Cultural Festival at Dundas Square. had a bunch of people with pickets and showing factory farming videos on the corner.. on another corner a bunch of people were playing sets of drums set up.. we liked the kids playing. Happening place.. we walked up to Bloor.. it was great walking along Yonge at night, been awhile. It's getting very Times Squarish down there. Lots of billboards, lights and screens. I love being in that atmosphere sometimes.. lots of people, live music, action, stuff happening.. and tonight fireworks! : )

Leaving you with the video Dorit sent Mi-San & we watched before we left work to go out.

Karl Anthony - One Prayer

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