Saturday, June 30, 2007

parasite cleanse

Will I survive???

I have just started a parasite cleanse and am drinking a veggie juice as I type this instead of my usual green smoothie. Carrot, celery, spinach, parsley. & I know, I know carrots have a lot of sugar in them. Sugar is a big no-no.. parasites love sugar! Which is the only indication I have that parasites may exist in this body of mine..well, that & I have been reading that it is estimated that over 85% of the population has parasites.. and they say thats a conservative estimation. Parasites are especially found in meat eaters.. I have heard that it is very unlikely that there is any meat eater out there that doesn't have parasites.

I am just wondering how I am going to manage this for a month (15 days on, break for 5,and another 15 day session) I know there are better systems out there for getting rid of parasites.. and more expensive ones - like one using vibrational frequencies.. but I decided to just buy the box of herbs at the health food store & start here.

a few things I have heard to help get rid of them:

Stay away from sugar and anything with yeast.
Things I don't do anyway - don't drink coffee, eat eat, dairy etc.
Do eat garlic.. parasites really don't like that
The don't like pumpkin seeds.
They hate daikon radish juice (from a previous post)
They really don't like cinnamon & oregano.. 2 essential oils that they hate the most. (I'll take some oil of oregano before I leave.)
weekly colonics - to cleanse the colon of the before they can lay eggs again. (yikes)
& I have heard that to get rid of them you can take 1 T psyllium & 1 T red clay very night for 3 months. ..wonder if red is like bentonite.. another trip to the health food store. Another source says to take this mixture after doing the cleanse to clean the colon & flush the out.

I will be doing a more intensive search on here & posting more about this later.. when I have more time & a not runnnning out the door for work! ...later
: )
Be happy!

ps. any info on this or other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Greenmama said...

Hi there,

I am a bit worried about you after reading this! You are considering many dangerous and unnatural methods to try to kill something that you are not even sure is in your body.

Even if those parasites are in there, the proper way to get rid of them is NOT to try to kill them or flush them out. Rather, the best thing to do is to insure optimal health for your body, and allow it to cleanse itself. It WILL!

Drinking only juice, cutting out sugar (which, in the form of fruit sugars, is our body's primary source of fuel), taking toxic and harsh non-food substances such as essential oils, garlic, clay, psyllium will only serve to weaken your body and make it more susceptible to all sorts of disease.

Consider reading Doug Graham's book The 80-10-10 diet or visiting his forum at VegSource.

All the best,


p.s. I completely removed all of my cravings for refined sugar, grains, and other junk by simply consuming enough fruit and tender leafy greens. And I experienced healing of many other problematic symptoms. I only believe it because it worked for me.

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Marjorie.. thank you, I really appreciate your thoughts and advice. I am aware of the 80-10-10 diet.. actually, about about a year & 1/2 ago I bought his Perfect Health System, the 12 cd set. I think most of the info in the book is on the cd's, but I definitely would love to read the book also. & I know a few people who follow the diet here in To & they swear by it. So, maybe it's time to revisit those cd's. I do not deny his teachings at all, I am just not there yet.. too strict of a diet for me right now.. although in the past week I found myself mono-eating a few meals just naturally.. mango's once, cherries another time.

I am taking what you have said into great consideration. I have no real reason for thinking parasites may be living here.. energy level high, am feeling great & I do eat really well, live on greens, sprouts and fruit.. but I have never done a parasite cleanse & have heard from so any people how important they are to do. & I read things like:

"Parasites are a major health concern for everyone in every country. No one is exempt. We all have parasites!When we get out of balance, parasites overpopulate and cause a deterioration of health. This is happening today in epidemic proportions because of our poor diets and impacted colons. and you have a great breeding ground for all sorts of nasties."
& all those pics!! whoa, have you ever googled parasites, scary!!! I have heard stories at work of people having ones any feet long! ..and know a few people personally who got rid of them and felt so much better.. so I thought as I have never done one before.. & I have heard that raw foodists get the also, that I should do it at least once, just in case.

hmmm ..what to do?
well, I am back on fruit some until I get this figured out. ; )
but I am still taking the herbs.

any other thoughts?
..or any other info or suggestions about parasite cleansing is very welcome!

Thanks again!

shell said...

Hello :)
A few of my thoughts/ feelings on the subject:
i did a 30 day herbal cleanse a while back that didn't require any dietary contained herbs to support the digestive process (including liver support) as well as herbs to kill the parasites (it was called vitaklenz) I liked the company philosophy of weed, seed, and feed (check out their website)
Maybe just eating well, and gradually cleansing is the way to go...
when i see the way worms work in my compost pile, it makes me think how amazing they are at doing the job they breaking down rotting food...I figure if we are eliminating efficiently, and allowing the body to cleanse, then there will not be much cause for the parasites to be there any more.
However, intestinal worms are not the only form parasites take (i did the googling thing too!) and when you read about the parasites that live in organs and blood....well, it's pretty understandable to want to take some drastic action to get them OUT!! haha!
Herbs seem like the gentlest method to me....maybe it's worth seeking professional advice?
Good Luck!

Greenmama said...

Hi Keiko,

Those Google pics have no relevance to you... Parasites are like flies on a garbage pile. Which is more effective to get rid of the flies--try to kill each individual fly OR remove the garbage pile?

If your health is poor, your body is full of garbage. Our world is full of unhealthy people who are willing to do "anything" for their health EXCEPT the hard work of actually creating health. There are lots of opportunists out there trying to sell magic potions to this market. Many of these folks know the power of gross pictures and post them all over. That doesn't mean your insides look like that. Or that cleaning all of that out of their insides has promoted health in any way.

Attempting to attack and kill parasites within your body is not a productive approach.

No herbs that destroy life are gentle; they are toxic. Introducing toxins may kill some "life" (parasites), but it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your life as well.

Think about the impact of using pesticides on crops. Many, many side effects.

All the best,

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Shell.. I love your blog!
Great to meet you, & thanks for posting.. I appreciate the help, thoughts & earthworm analogy! It helps a lot..

As does your comment Marjorie, thanks again. True. & like I said I really have no reason to believe they are there except that I heard everyone has them & I really don't want them.. not those big bad nasty ones, yuck.
I think the garbage pile has already been removed.

& actually the lady at my health food store asked why I decided to buy the kit.. she did a muscle test on me (kinesiology)the time before when I was in for it & I tested negative. .. so , I am feeling like giving it up now. Not to mention that I have felt kind of sad the past few days on & off, overly sensitive. not like my usual self.. even kind of teary sometimes. A girl at work said she got really angry for a week before she got rid of her parasites.. and I figured it was that, a good thing as opposed to toxins just killing life, as you suggested.
Yesterday I was down to finishing the box and not getting the 2nd one.. now I am thinking of just stopping them. Going to sleep on it, it's late.

Thanks for your support & help!
ps. the bananas and mangoes today were great! : )

shell said...

thankyou :) I love your blog too!
just wanted to add....i decided to do the herbal cleanse because i did actually pick up some threadworms when i was in africa early this year....i grew up in africa and spend time there regularly....eating a lot of raw fruit and veg, not washing produce in that puts me in the high risk category for picking up i am not 100% raw...
Threadworms are incredibly contagious...and i really did not want them to be spreading around my household. So i blitzed them. I agree with most of what marjorie says in principle...however, i was confronted with a situation where i was putting others at risk of infection....
In the long term, prevention may be better than time i go abroad, i will take more care to wash produce in vinegar...make sure chopping boards i use are not used by others for meat or fish etc.
I'm grateful for the herbal remedy, because it worked to support my whole digestive system....i think that's quite a gentle and holistic approach compared to taking a pill that just kills the bugs....
Whatever you do, you will learn something, and be able to help others by sharing your it's all good! :)

moila said...

Sorry green mamma but why lead someone off the right track??? People used to cleanse parasites as a normal routine, and most diseases ar caused by parasites....not only should we ALL be doing a first round of parasite cleansing, but also continue it for a lifetime.

MXT said...

Hello Everyone,

I believe that everyone should do at least one or two parasite cleansing a year. Over these last 6 months, I suffered this terrible parasite infection that no one could diagnose. I kept complaining about feeling pregnant, soar boobs, constantly urinating, bloated belly, and really really tired. I went to see 9 doctors. Each time I got tested, more bad news. My prolactin levels were so high that it could cause tumours. Prolactin is a brain hormone that increases when there is stress. It's obvious that my body was stressed with all these parasites. I also found out I had a cyst on my ovary that was 3 cm. Who knows that could have been a worm. Anyway, after 6 months of this pure suffering, my immune system really took it's toll. These things secrete toxins that really make you sick. I was getting sick constantly, couldn't fight off infections and just felt so gross inside. Every-time I ate, my whole face secreted this oily substance, and everyday new pimples would form. Every doctor that I went to said what I was experiencing was all in my head, and seeing that I was suffering from acne, they would not test me for anything. Can you believe this? I thought I was going insane or coming down with a mental illness. Anyway, I finally decided to take an alternative route, and that was natural path. I went to see one who put me on the Clear Awareness Program along with nutritional supplements b/c I was really lacking in those b/c the worms were literally eating away all my vitamins. She was able to diagnose me from doing blood-works and observing me. After 2 weeks of doing this cleanse, I found worms coming out of my nose, my mouth and out the other end. I really didn't think it was possible. Parasites are smart! You'll be lucky if you find one in your stool. When you do a cleanse, you will be really disgusted, but feel so great that this crap is out of your body! I went to emergency b/c I wanted them to see exactly what I had been suffering from over these last 6 months. They were roundworms! These things live in your large intestines and cause prolems in your lungs and your heart and can even go to your brain! I had a roundworm infection. And, I had no idea where I picked them up from, but I live in Canada, so if you think you can't get them from a non third world country, well, it's sooo possible and i'm living proof of that. I was soooo persistent and everyone thought I was a hypercondriac, but when you have something eating your internals, you can't sleep at night, and everyday you're fighting for you health and life, you have to find answers. It almost feels like death is just around the corner if you don't do something about it. But, thank god there was light at the end of this tunnel. I do think that everyone should do at least one parasite cleansing. Even the doctor at emergency does one every year. I just don't understand why the government just doesn't give more awareness to this issue. While doctors are happy, and enjoying life, patients have to suffer b/c the ultimate cause of their illness/disease could possibly be linked to parasites. Another approach is to find out what your intolerant too and using herbal remedies. I wish I had known sooner about my condition. I'm feeling 70% better, but wish that I could be 100%, hopefully by the end of this parasite cleansing, I will. I've realized how important it is to take care of your body. Cleansing your internals is so crucial! Hope that none of you will have to go through what I did. You're better off preventing this than going through what I had go through. My whole family is doing this cleansing b/c they saw how this whole life experience can change in an instant when the route cause is treated.Doctors will treat the symptoms, and some are better than others at finding the cause. I remember seeing some of the doctors, and I literally felt like a total idiot b/c that's what they made me feel , and that all this was in my head. Even my friends, and family thought I was going crazy, and if you think you're going crazy, you will!.... What got me through this was faith, and trust your body and if no one believes you, be persistant b/c we only live once! So enjoy every moment, and keep your body healthy.

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thank you for all the information and advice.. Mxt, fascinating story..thank you for sharing that- and it's so wonderful that you finally found out what was causing it. Really appreciate your input!

Anonymous said...

I too am now a believer in parasite cleansing. I too was suffering from symptoms that couldn't be diagnosed. When I stumbled upon the information on human parasits I gave it a chance. And I grossed myself right out seeing what came out of me. I am only 5' tall, live in the US and cook my meat at least to MW.

I was infested with muliple kinds of parasites - and have spent months killing them off through herbal & electrical methods. I was so embarassed, I didn't tell anyone until I coughed up a huge tapeworm head.

So people don't go around showing horrible pictures only to sell 'magic potions' but to show others that there really worms among us!! In my choice of treating my body, I chose to use herbs and they worked.

It was a long slow process with a lot of "die off" sickness in the process, but in the long run my body thanks me every day.

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Anonymous said...

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