Monday, June 04, 2007

Forcasting rain & weather lore, violet bottles, om reunion project and Severm Suzuki "I am Only a Child"

I love weather lore. I just heard a new one.. someone commented that it was going to rain because the flies were flying low.. & the lower they fly the more it is going to rain.

I am looking some up:
The louder the frog, the more the rain.

Mackeral skies and mares tails make ships carry lowered sails.

A ring around the Moon is a sign of rain & the larger the ring, the nearer the rain.

If the leafs are turning up, a storm is brewing!

& get this! Crickets can tell the temperature-just count the number of chirps per minute, add 10, and divide by 4 . Crickets chirp faster as the temperature rises.

I am trying out a new product which is sold in a violet bottle - which is not only cool looking but keeps out the sun's harmful rays. Not only that.. it lets the beneficial ones in. The sun is made up of all different types of rays - from the harmful UV rays to very beneficial life-giving rays. By drawing in the good rays the violet bottle actually expands the life force of the contained substance.
Egyptians kept all of their precious liquids in only 2 types of containers; they used either violet glass or gold. Violet glass is great for keeping essential oils, mineral complexes, herbal formulas, tonics, potions.. etc.

btw - The product I am trying is not even out yet.. I can't even find it on the internet. It's basically a mineral complex. It will be out soon & if it's really great I'll def let you know.

The Om reunion project- Re:Treat will be gathering this year from Monday June 18th through Sunday June 24th.

It will be a week long outdoor celebration of community, sustainability, alternative energy, and independent artistic expression.

Re:treat is a membership-based, community-driven gathering, which is located in rural Ontario. I hear this year it will be in Huntsville. 'We have found that a smaller gathering creates an intentional space, allowing for more meaningful communication and deeper connections. This year we expect a maximum of 600 people. Become a member of the community! Membership is open and available to all who wish to participate! '

If you wish to attend Re:treat, you must become a member in advance. The membership is 50-60$ depending on how soon you get it. There are no tickets sold at the gate and nothing to buy once there. Everything is volunteered, from their promotion, artwork & website to helping at the retreat, kitchen duty, bonfire or swim guard, cleaning up etc.

This is a great 6 minute video!
13 year old Severm Suzuki gives a talk to the UN.
Take the time, it's totally worth it.

I am Only a Child


Valerie Winters said...

Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Valerie,
Nice to see you here!
I think of you & your green smoothie experiment and often send lots of psychic love and support your way..
You are an inspiration!
Thanks and thanks back!

Paul said...

I notice that most of the delegates in the video didn't even bother to show up to hear her.
Neil Young sang:
I am a child, I'll last a while.
You can't conceive
of the pleasure in my smile.
You hold my hand,
rough up my hair,
It's lots of fun
to have you there.

I gave to you,
now, you give to me,
I'd like to know
what you learned.
The sky is blue
and so is the sea.
What is the color,
when black is burned?
What is the color?