Monday, June 25, 2007

Krishnaurti and peas, Love and quinoa, Education and EFA's

A picture of my little slice of Heaven yesterday, out on my back deck, just after getting in from grocery shopping.. piles of fruits & vegetables.. but my favorite find was this basket of peas. I haven't had fresh peas from the pod since last year and I couldn't wait to get home & eat them. I sat out on the deck in the sunshine, ate over 1/2 the basket and read my really, really good book.
I love summer!

I forgot to mention yesterday another great recent memory.. and that is Nuramina (s/p?) a most beautiful African/Ethiopian woman (Ethiopian women have the most amazing bone structure in the world I think, so long and slender and elegant!) Anyway, after coming in a few days previously & hearing I was raw, she came back with a dish she prepared for me.. and it was quiet that afternoon at work so I got to sit down and enjoy a meal with her.. it was great. She made a dish with sprouted quinoa & peas. ..maybe this is what started my pea craving?
She makes various trail mixes, which she sells at St Lawrence Market (she also gives massages. & she makes a package of ground hemp, flax, sesame seeds etc, which she soaks and dries and then grinds.. it is great to top on cereal or fruit or anywhere!

Analogies (cause they can be better than real life! - I love analogies)

On relationships - 'It's like craving the bread you had when you were a kid and then meeting a baker who can bake this same bread and you fall in love.. but it's the bread you really want.' ..although you don't even realize that there is a raw bread maker who dehydrates a wayyy better bread, not only more delicious but more sustaining and healthy as well, right around the corner and you never even knew he/she was there.

double analogy! cool
& 1 more, from Krishnaurti (p30-31):

"..very few know how to live. Most of us merely survive, we somehow drag along, and therefore life becomes a dreadful thing. Really to live requires a great deal of love, a great feeling for silence, a great simplicity with an abundance of experience; it requires a mind that is capable of thinking very clearly, that is not bound by prejudice or superstition, by hope or fear. All this is life, and if you are not being educated to live, then education has no meaning. You may learn to be very tidy, have good manners and you and you may pass all of your examinations; but, to give primary importance to all these superficial things when the whole structure of society is crumbling, is like cleaning and polishing your fingernails while the house is burning down. You see, nobody talks to you about all this, nobody goes into it with you. As you spend day after day studying certain subjects - mathematics, history, geography - so also you should spend a great deal of time talking about these deeper matters, because this makes for richness of life."

The Krishnaurti book I am reading talks a lot about our education system.. and just as my kids are all finishing exams. They actually finished last week.. they are all in high school now.. Thats a lot of school work. I often thought when I was young that if I had kids I would home school them. It didn't turn out that way.. but I really admire the parents who are doing it!

k, lots to do..
Fly high, Dive deep, Explore ..& Have an adventurous, very fun day!

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