Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cape Verde

I was thinking about why I come here and write this blog. I certainly don't need to, I have a million other good things going on..not to mention a full time job and a family. It was mentioned to me that maybe I should focus more.. or at least give something up. My mom wonders about me.. trying to do all the things I was doing before I was working .. gym, yoga, hey I am actually even painting more. & that really takes a lot of energy. But for some reason.. this blog almost seems bigger than me. Every morning I wake up feeling great and happy to be alive and I always, whether I intend on coming here or not, end up here. I think I am just so appreciative at what this raw lifestyle has given me that it is just my little way of giving back.. in case anyone out there reads this & gets inspired. I love my life. I love it more since going raw than ever before.. Life is more colourful, more beautiful, freer, happier, more blissful and flowing.

I am water.. actually, today I am an island.. or at least on an island. Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is a set of 10 very cool little islands located 450 km off the coast of West Africa.

What to eat in Cape Verde? Eat locally - bananas, mangos and papayas!
Blend them all together with a bit of ice (& optional bit of honey) for the best smoothie ever!

Cape Verde is also home of one of the best singers ever!

Cesaria Evora - Petit Pays

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