Friday, June 01, 2007

We can make choices - Be the change - Farmer's markets

I think one of the big reasons why people are going raw now is that it is a choice we can make. With the world spinning out of control, the problems seeming so much bigger than us.. this is at least one thing we can do. We don't have a choice about a lot of things going on out there... but we do have a choice as to what we put into our bodies. We do have a choice in what we products and what foods we buy.

Be The Change

market season (not that all year isn't) but it's especially so now with all the seasonal markets opening up in addition to the ones which operate year round. One of the best ways of getting fresh produce is buying from farmers markets. Everyone benefits with this buying strategy.
  • Farmers markets offer a place for new farmers and businesses to offer their products/produce with little overhead and risk.
  • By selling directly to the consumer they retain most of the profits for themselves instead of splitting it with grocery chains or distributors.
  • We get the good conscience of supporting local companies/growers, and sustainable, organic, free range, free trade practices.
  • Markets build community. It's a great place to meet neighbours and people. There is lot of activity, people talking, socializing, sharing - talking about recipes, gardening, saying hi, kids playing- people are generally always happy and smiling here.
  • Markets provide food for the soul - there is often live music and the scenes are fresh and colourful, often filled with diversity and ethnicity and movement.
  • People commune and share food together.. people of different cultures, different ages and backgrounds - we become expanded and grow with new opportunities.
  • We become reconnected with the source of our food and therefore with the earth and our roots.
  • Local businesses often benefit as people shop more int he vicinity on market days.
  • Buying produce locally reduces food travel miles and is better on the environment.
  • & did I mention the food is usually very healthy and tastes the best?!! This is where you buy the best, the freshest and most nutritious foods!
It's amazing to see so many new markets opening up this year!

New Markets in 2007

Brick Works: 550 Bayview Ave (Between the Prince Edward Viaduct
(Bloor/Danforth) and Pottery Road)
Saturdays, 8 am - 2 pm,
opening Saturday May 26 to October 27

Liberty Village: (Liberty St - Atlantic Ave)
Sundays, 9 am - 2 pm,
openingSunday May 27 to October 28

Trinity Bellwoods: Northwest corner of Trinity Bellwoods Park, 1053
Dundas St West (Dundas and Shaw)
Tuesdays, 3 - 7 pm,
opening June 5 to October 30

Withrow Park: 725 Logan Ave (in Withrow Park)
Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm,
opening this Saturday May 26 to October 27

Woodbine Centre: 500 Rexdale Blvd (at Hwy 427)
Fridays, 12 - 6 pm,
opening June 1 to October 26

Wychwood: Church of St. Michael and All Angels, 611
St. Clair Ave W (at Wychwood)
Saturdays, 2 - 5 pm,
opening August 18 to October 6

A list of all markets in Toronto from the FoodShare website

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