Friday, June 08, 2007

raw workshop - Stoveless Cuisine, essential oils, food news - pesticide guide

I went to a raw workshop last night - Alexie Bracey of Stoveless Cuisine

It was great.. we got to watch her prepare and try Black Forest Brownies, Carob Hemp Balls, A Durian & Berry Mousse,Power Energy Bars and a Mango Tart with a Macaroon Crust.

Poor me! LOL J/k.. How lucky was I? hehe, whenever I use the word lucky I always think of Napoleon Dynamite "Luuuccccckieeeeee!!!" : ) ..and I seriously was! The food was all so amazing.

People were wondering if we'd be able to sleep.. eating maca, cacao, spirulina and all those superfoods at night. But my title of Nocturna was deemed worthy once again.

Alxie uses essential oils a lot. Like soaking gojis in water with drops of lemon oil before using them. My mom does this too.. uses essential oils in her foods. esp cinnamon, orange, tangerine, lemon, basil. You can soak dates in oj and tangerine oil.. put cinnamon oil in a nut crust..
Living Libations puts lots of essential oils in their bars: jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, lavender, even frankincense and sandalwood.

I have to get ready & go to work.. & I'm taking the long way there.. going to the wold's biggest bookstore 1st.. I get to go in late today, I love Fridays! such a relaxing morning..I got to sun gaze, talk to some friends, catch up on things.. but now I have to move.

But one more thing - something else Alexie mentioned was the Food News website. This site keeps you informed on pesticide usage.. which fruits & veggies have the most chemicals on them. I had been here a long time ago but it's good to revisit these places. Things change. It used to be that strawberries were the worst for pesticides now they are #6, peaches are #1 with the highest pesticide load - 42 different pesticides were found on them. They have a printout guide of the worst & best - the dirty dozen and the cleanest 12. Important info to know!

Have a spectacular day!

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