Sunday, June 24, 2007

Being, Anne Wigmore, wheatgrass, The Real News, Flower chocolates, Swedish and Video lessons

Favorite recent memories:

the big line-up at work.. I'm the only one on the floor & I apologize to the man who is standing next and he says calmly "I'm not waiting, I'm just being" (...he got that from the Power of Now, gotta love that book! : ) I appreciated that immensely.

Anne Wigore used to drink up to 64 ozs of wheatgrass a day! That's a lot of wheatgrass!!! She was really into experimenting with her body. Often she would go through the day eating only 1/2 a papaya, a bit of her energy soup and wheatgrass.. and have lots of energy. She founded the Hippocrates Health Institute and is considered The mother of living foods. (more on her from a past post here)

I spoke to a man who said that his eyesight was healed after drinking 2ozs of wheatgrass a day, every day - 5 months after starting this, he realized that he didn't need his glasses anymore to read things and he was amazed at how it was healing his body.

..a waterarian

The picture I missed & have to share verbally. The Real - who reside on the 2nd floor of our building, right above us.. and who I know best from asking us to turn the music down, lol - they were preparing for a party and in our kitchen at work preparing fruit platters and I was still working..

I was juicing wheatgrass for a customer amidst piles and piles of fruit prepared to go on trays covering the whole counter and I barely just uncovered the wheatgrass juicer to make this juice: baby finger bananas, cherries, melons, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes cut up, strawberries, other berries, pineapple etc & etc.. it was beautiful! fruit everywhere!.. enough for about 300 people!!

The small pic I took is from their reception - launching party.. it didn't turn out great, but it's all I have.. you can barely see, or not, Paul Jay, the executive director, CEO. You can see an interview with him, see the space and the concept - it's pretty huge - a tv network with no gov't funding, no corporate funding, no advertising - The Real News. I recommend watching.. if I was going to watch the news, I think I would watch it here. Maybe one day I will.

Making flower chocolates - the best tasting, soothest and creamiest ones ever! Raw cacao, hemp butter, cocoa butter, agave, vanilla, maca, ginseng, slippery elm, a bit of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon and Celtic salt. Mmmm.. these are going quick!

Flowers on flowers, my painting above, the backdrop flowers is a painting I was up till 1:30 last night working on & am heading back down soon to work on more.. along with my white flower (which is anything but white! and my new weeks flower) .. g2g going!!! ...

random Swedish lesson: "bytt e bytt a det koer aldrig er igen" translates something like trading something with someone and you got something really magical and the best trade ever. : )

video lesson: Room tone - take 60 sec- 2 min of average room sounds of space after taping, to use to edit into sounds if needed.

LoVe LiFe!
Be Happy

~HuGs to all~

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