Thursday, June 07, 2007

Show us your food

I found these pics fascinating. I just wish they had a picture of the food contained in a raw kitchen.. how beautiful would that be!!!

(afternote- june17,07 - These pics are from a photo essay by Time Magazine Online. Photos are taken by Peter Menzel from the book Hungry Planet. Jinjee and Storm have posted a picture of what their family eats here.)


Anonymous said...

Love your Blog .... Show Us your Food is really
very cool.... I am the wife/woman who got back
from Hippocrates and said " this is the diet to
save the planet" Keep on Bloggin Baby!!

Em said...

Fabulous pics! Maybe we could start something where people submit there raw kitchen photos and we display them.
What do you think?

Love, love

Keiko Ti said...

Anonymous.. make sure you introduce yourself again next time your in, ok?.. trying to put a face to the comment. It's so true.. "the Diet to Save the Planet" I have heard it a few times from unrelated sources. I think once you go there and start eating raw you see all the amazing consequences and realize how it can make such a huge difference in the world.
It can seem like such a small thing but its massive!
..wish I had a face or name for you.. I am sure our convo will all come rushing back.
I would LOVE to go to Hippocrates!!!

Keiko Ti said...

Em.. I would love that!!!
Raw kitchen photos would be amazing. I was thinking of that when I was looking at the pics.. imagine how beautiful a rawkitchen's spread would be!
I will mention it to a few people..and families are great.. but for this purpose that's not important, a single person's kitchen would work just as well. Sadly, my kitchen would be mixed as I live with cooked people also.. but maybe I could put just the foods that I eat on the table.. fresh fruits & veggies are so much better than bags and boxes. So much color.. doesn't it just make you happy to look at them! ..all those beautiful colors. I actually found myself looking at each picture for the fresh foods..and not even really noticing the other stuff, except how much of it there was.

If anyone is willing to take a picture and send it to me, send it to my home e-mail

would love it if that one got started.. great idea!

Valerie Winters said...

These photos are super cool. Thanks for posting.

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks Valerie.. imagine what your table would look like.. that would be beautiful! : )

aTxVegn said...

Those are indeed facsinating photos. I really enjoyed looking at them. I love beautiful food.