Thursday, June 21, 2007

Salad. Tahini Miso salad dressing, Sunflower sprouts and Cedar nuts

This is a pic of the salad I had last night. It was very simple: mixed baby lettuce, sunflower sprouts, cedar nuts and red pepper.

Sunflower sprouts are a staple for me! I love them.
I love the page about them at The Best Food Ever.

"If I had to describe Sunflower Sprouts in a single word, that word would have to be: Happy! : )

The cedar nuts look just like pine nuts except they are smaller. You can order them at the Energy of Life - Ringing Cedars of Russia website. I tried to go there last night to order book 5, which has just been translated into English, but they were sold out. I finished book 4 on the way home from work.. but I guess I will reread it.. not that I don't have anything to read, I have about 12 books on the go as the moment! But I a just really into these. They said they should be back in stock next week.. and I a almost out of cedar nuts! The important things in life, yk?

uh-oh running out of time!

Tahini Dressing

11/2 T tahini
1 T miso
1 T tamari
1 T agave
2 T olive oil
2 T water
1 garlic clove - minced
1 lemon - juiced
dash cayenne

I whisked all ingredients together in a bowl. Simple.. and very delicious.
Enjoy.. Have a wonderful day!!! ~HuGs~

ps. Sawako, recognize the chopsticks? I love them! I think of you whenever I use them (& my Dad!) much love & the Biggest rocking Hugs ever!! xo


Michael said...

Do you use dry or wet miso?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Michael, I use a wet miso.. refridgerated. and I like the white or light miso best.