Monday, June 11, 2007

Mercury retrograde, Superfood Chcolates and my new Camera!

Let me start off this post by telling you that mercury is going into retrograde soon.

June 15 - July 9

I've posted about mercury retrograde, so I won't get into it too much, except to say that it is a strong phenomenon in the sky that happens about 3 times a year. ..and whenever I say 'O, it's mercury retrograde' people kind of look at me like I'm an alien. But it really is something that you can feel.. and I don't think I am special & feel it more than others.. it's just that I know about it & know the signs to pick up on. I can tell it's happening almost exactly 2 weeks before it takes effect. ..which makes sense.. it's not like it just goes from spinning forward to backwards the next.. it takes a bit of time to slow down, come to a stop and start rotating the opposite way.
So what happens.. things screw up!
like my brother doesn't send me the cables to the videocamera, then he does but not with the cd that goes with it.. I can't get the driver downloaded, ..I lost my cacao butter.. and had everything out last night to make chocolates. I substituted hemp & coconut butter, but the whole reason I was getting everything out was to experiment with the cacao butter. I still have no idea where it went to.
But, OMG, these are really good!
I'm eating them for breakfast.. Mmmmm
Made with raw cacao, hemp & coconut butter, agave, raw organic powdered vanilla, maca, reishi, ginseng, camu camu and dash celtic salt.
& they are so pretty.. put them in a flower mold I had & put them in the fridge overnight & just pressed them out this morning.

Hey, I got a camera this weekend!!! soon I can take pics! yay, I'm excited.
However, it's still in the box, because my daughter who went to buy it for me picked out the one next to the one I was thinking I wanted & had mentioned to her (they were the same price) easy mistake - & hey, mercury!
Now I am trying to figure out if I want this one anyway, instead.
It's really nice too.. I spent 2 hours on the internet comparing, reading photography forums.. I can't decide.. they both have good features..

It's this Canon Powershot SD800 IS

(the one I wanted) vs the Canon Powershot S3 I3 (the one Kaiya picked out) and the one I think I will end up with.

I was thinking of just a little point & shoot compact camera.. but now I am getting used to the idea of a bigger one.. and they are just coming out with an S5 IS.. which is really nice also! Ahhh.. decisions, decisions.. & maybe I should just accept the gift & not spend so much time deciding. (I think it's mercury that makes me skeptical.. bad time to make decisions.. everything is so screwy & decision making skills are at a low!)

anyway, one day I will have my own photos & videos to post.
Astrologyzone has a great mercury retrograde link, describes the effects it has on us really well!

Mercury pic from
Camera photos from - which is a great site for cameras.. the girl at Blacks recommeded it, they do side by side comparisons.. it didn't really help me, but it's cool & helpful.

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