Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thoughts: cells, Blue and full spring moons, plants, pearls and toothpaste

Things and thoughts and ideas which I have found interesting recently..

- Every cell has a brain. Each one is actually thinking and communicating with our brain.. each one of the trillions of cells in our body.
- The average cell keeps track of 100,000 chemical reactions a second.

- It was a blue moon on the 31st.. technically it was last night, .. but I guess it was close enough that they were calling it a blue moon. A blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in a month and it's the second one. My friend was saying he couldn't think of something he wanted to do just once.. I was thinking about it.. I can't either.. everything I want to do, I want to do it more than once! much for doing something once in a blue moon.

& from an e-mail:
'Back to the Full Moons: According to Djwal Khul-The Tibetan Master, the spring is the time of 3 most influencial moons. They are when the life force reawakens (Nature), is poured out (Buddha), and refined into a higher vision and understanding by the World Teacher (The Christ). The first is the full moon of Aries/Libra where we attune to Nature, the second is the full moon of Taurus/Scorpio or Wesak. This moon is associated with Buddha and celebrates the anchoring of compassion to lessen the suffering for all those on Earth. The third full moon (this full moon) is the full moon in Sagittarius/Gemini and represents the Christfest, where the World Teacher takes this energy of compassion and multiplies and distributes it throughout the world in various ways

- plants breathe from the underside of the leaf. We were washing plants leaves at work & someone said they can't breath if they get all dusty.. but actually they breathe from the underside & absorb sunlight to create photosynthesis from the top.. but equally important to be clean.. they really liked that, they were so happy afterward, you could just feel it!

- ok, this one is crazy. I couldn't believe it. There are no real pearls anymore.. or almost no more.. extremely rare. All the 'real' pearls you see are actually cultivated in a lab, by man.. still using an oyster & everything but man puts the little speck of sand in there etc.. there are none that are made straight from nature.. how sad is that? Simon knows a pearl expert who says they haven't seen a real, naturally made pearl in over 25 years!

On CNN this morning they are sending out a warning for people to check their toothpaste and to throw out any toothpaste made in China. The have found at least 10 brands which have diethylene glycol - a sweet, syrupy poison (anti-freeze) in the ingredients, sometimes 3-4%. It's found more in the bargain, dollar store toothpastes, not the name brands.. but I just read in an article from ' The Panamanian government last year inadvertently mixed the poison made in China into 260,000 bottles of cold medicine, killing at least 100 people,..' I didn't even hear of that one.

My toothpaste is made in Utah. I use Young Living Thieves Dentarome Ultra. I love it.. different taste though, but I love it now. The Thieves essential oil blend contains clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary. This blend was created based on the historical tale of 4 thieves in France who protected themselves from the Black Plague with rosemary, cloves and other aromatics while robbing victims of the disease. ( When captured it is said they got a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe!)

Purple bottles? maybe next time.. it's green smoothie time now!!!

Have a great day.. keep it special, keep it real, keep it mindful..but ultimately keep it awesomely triumphant! Be excellent to each other and party on!
(air guitar here) lol ..peace out!


Anonymous said...

hehe love the bill & ted reference -- party on my friend!!

kelly :)

Keiko Ti said...

Excellent! .. air guitar duet!
: )
glad to meet a fellow fan!
party on!