Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thoughts on nakedness and consciousness

Here is my thought of the morning..

We are naked... all the time, everywhere we go. We put clothes on and cover ourselves, and deceive ourselves that we aren't but we are naked all the time.. we come into this world naked and we leave naked. We own nothing.. we don't really own the clothes we wear, we don't own the cars we drive, nor the houses we live in. We come into this world owning nothing and we leave owning nothing.. think about it. We think we own things but really we don't ..we are lulled into a false sense of ownership. I sometimes feel like this is why people need control.. because we have no ownership. We have this feeling that we should be owning something or we want to but we don't. All money, power, prestige is an illusion.. it is not lasting.. Love is lasting, beauty and creativity and inner peace are lasting. But any material thing can be taken from you at any time. Think about it. A war could start right now.. not only your clothes but your country could be taken from you. Nothing is permanent.. everything is changing.. we come into this world for a short time ..naked, we leave naked but while we are here we have the beautiful opportunity to share from the fruits of this Earth, to experience beauty..the incredible fathomless intricacy of nature, to experience love on this material plane.. to eat delicious foods, to make friends and hold hands, share thoughts, to laugh, to cry.. but all we really have is this bit of consciousness.. this bit of awareness we are blessed with for a period of time in this material form.

Enjoy all the things you are given to enjoy while here.

Imagine if everyone took off their false sense of illusion of ownership and decided to just live and enjoy life and share. : )

Laugh. love.. enjoy your body!

Imagine everyone with healthy bodies being happy. ...& Naked. lol

& Thats my thought for the day.

Make it a beautiful one!

pic from Spencer Tunick's naked photo shoot in Mexico. 18000 people! Here's a video of it from YouTube


Audry said...

Great photo:) I enjoyed reading your thoughs on nakedness. You know what else? I've been realizing lately that we are all children in a way. I share the same view as you that we don't truly own anything, including our "age". Sometimes I like to imagine that everyone around me is their child self, their pure self, laughing and frowning, jumping and squatting, curious and bored, maybe doing some handstands...and maybe they are naked, too!!! (hee hee)

Keiko Ti said...

We are definitely all children.. you got that one right on.. good thought. You really see it when you get older and forget your age. We are all naked children, always. lol
ps.. Love your blog! : )

RazorChild said...

If I can just add a discrepancy that I feel is relevant to the concept of subjective theories.

Actually, neither love, beauty, creativity or inner peace are lasting either. In the literal sense, this would be true.

For instance, love only lasts to the people that loved you in the time you are here. That love, that you shared in loving them and they, loving you. But, once you pass, the love may perpetuate within them, but once those individuals pass, that love slowly gets diminished into memory. If you're not around for your great-grandchildren to meet you, they'd never know the love that you think they should have for you... ie: the love diminishes over time. To prove the concept, if you can't really trace all the way back to your family, how do you have "love" for those ancestors? Respect, maybe, love? Doubtful, as you never really experienced them first hand. You're only a objective observer of a small amount of information. Therefore, not as perpetual as it would seem. More subjective in the time that is apparent to the entity that is experiencing it.

Beauty only lasts in the eye of the beholder that views the beauty. But, beauty doesn't last in reality, as said in the literal term, "beauty is only skin deep". Or the fact that one day, you'll grow old too, your hair may start to fall out, teeth will get capped, skars, operations, accidents, wrinkles, etc. All the graces of wisdom, but none of the greatness of youth. As they say, "Youth is wasted on the young"... yes, one day, you'll say the same. But, the beauty that I gaze upon with certain individuals, is really mostly mine to know, until I show you a picture of them when they were young. But, without the picture, your knowledge of beauty is purely subjective to who you are as an individual. You would never know that I was once a handsomer young man... that beauty diminished over time.

Creativity is actually a false statement. See, we can assume we're creators, but we're not. We're transformers. To create is to create something from nothing, in the literal sense. We actually only transform things. Even when we mate, that is not creation, that is transformations of cells, fluids, etc, the then transform into a living organism. If you don't believe me, you can look up the literal translation or Create and Creativity and see how loosely we use those words. It is improper usage. For instance, we do say that people are creative, but really, they transform ideas, visuals or things from tools they already have. The only missing piece to the puzzle is how does energy manifest... but that is convoluted question that is to be observed in another context. So, yes, our transformations can be perpetuated into the future, of course, depending on the medium and what sort of attention it gets. But, even those things can be destroyed and not be lasting.

Inner peace only will last, if you're alive and are in fact with Inner Peace. But, if your dead, your dead. So, whatever you believe, that inner piece died with you in the physical sense. However, to fully embrace the vastness of true inner peace, no one, not even the Dalai Lama has reach true inner peace. Christians? No, that's for sure. Catholics, yeah right. All of them, no inner peace... all you have to do is look at the dysfunction of the whole world around you. It shows more turmoil symptomatic of dysfunction and neurosis than it does inner peace. Believe me, I may sound pessimistic, but having a real and tangible view of the world shows us the truth of how much work we have to do.

Perhaps all of this is to pragmatic and logical for what you were trying to achieve, but it seems that if you can easily dismiss money, cars, etc, then you can easily dismiss other concepts of the physical life. Yet, if certain concepts of the physical die with the physical, then they don't exist anymore as with most things, they are simply subjective... just like ownership of things. Subjective in Time.

Thank you for letting me have a voice. ; )

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Interesting thoughts Razorchild.. & I see what you mean, and you could be right.. but I feel that any progress or increase in love (beauty, creativity, etc) lasts, even if in the spiritual realm.. if we are just talking about the material world, I really get what you are saying.. but I see a whole lot more going on. But thats my perspective.
& regardless, interesting thoughts.. thanks. R