Friday, June 29, 2007

Childrens health

I was about to run out of the house without posting.. have to rush & buy canvasses, cacao butter, etc before going to work.. but then I checked my e-ail & my mom just sent me this.. It's sitting fairly heavy with me. When my children were young I felt like I was fairly health and food conscious and making fairly good choices, preparing home cooked meals almost every night. I was known for my chocolate chip cookies! & then a box of pop tarts here, a box of froot loops there, that can't hurt too much, can it? Ahhh!!! If I only knew then what I know now.. but that's life and we can't change the past.. (or can we? .. but that's another topic,, for another day ; )

She said this was sent to her from her friend Allan:

Food and drug administration is the number one cause of disease and disability in America today.The CDC predicts the children today will be the first generation to not outlive their parents. I have to hold you mothers and grandmothers most accountable, as you usually are making the food choices. Childhood obesity and other health issues are squarely in your hands(The Hand that Rocks the Ladle. Sounds a bit sexist, but the reality is that women normally make the food choices for the family. Convenience can no longer be the criterium you use to make meal choices. Your children have to have freshly prepared,unpackaged,unadulterated foods to maintain health. This means time in the kitchen for someone. You can enlist the rest of the family's help, but the onus of a healthful meal in front of your child is on you mom. Our children won't do better until you do better. As for you men,usually you are the main obstacle for mothers not making healthful changes in the menu at home. This has to be a cooperative effort with both parents setting an example.
Churches and schools must be involved also. Food has become what I call Baptist pornography. Many churches lure members to functions with the promise of promiscuous eating. Remember gluttony is considered as much a deadly sin as the other seven. Hold your schools accountable to prepare and serve healthful foods. The movie "Supersize Me" showcases how much better children do academically when they are given healthful food. There is nothing more fundamental to the health of your child than what you feed them each day. Don't let them down.

Children Sicker Now Than in Past, Harvard Report Says (Update1)

Article by Angela Zimm

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Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT POST! I even added it to the Raw Freedom Kids Forum that I moderate! I linked your blog, too!

Thanks for posting such good info!

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Joan, living green in NB said...

Thanks for posting this.... it is much needed information

Keiko Ti said...

Congratulations on opening your Raw Freedom Kids Portal.. what a site!.. so much information, so any links, truly wonderful! ..& I checked out your blog.. it's great.. will read more soon. Welcome to the raw world.. what an asset it's gained. Nice to meet you & thank you so much for adding me. ttys, hugs!

& thanks Joan! xox (she's my mom!) it is much needed info .. as is the Kids portal! Yay! : ) thank you.