Friday, June 15, 2007

The Sprout Farm, long flights, Chia and the best breakfast ever, again

I just got sent this picture of the sprout farm, the production room in back where I work at Toronto Sprouts. Justin is at the front packing.. and Simon is way back kind of hidden, on the phone. As an aside, it was sad yesterday, there were tears.. it was Veena's last day.. she is off to India today, moving back home, her husband is a diplomat and they have been here 4 years - she had worked at Toronto Sprouts almost that long. There are lots of changes going on at work ..but that really seems like a perpetual thing.. not sure what it is about that place, but you definitely live in the moment around there!

Mom, you finally get to see the back! I had forgotten to take her into the back when she was here last month. & Thats too bad.. because she's really into growing her own wheatgrass & sprouts at home. but, well, here it is. : )

Mom is in England right now. I tried calling but haven't spoken to her yet. I am really curious how she is doing.. staying raw there. She had her gojis and cacao & seeds, etc. all packed when I last spoke to her. It'll be interesting to hear.. she's 100% raw now, or at least has been.. she's an inspiration! - Especially living in NB, where raw is very rare!

I am eating this great snack right now that Mom & I created one morning. We were going to the health show.. waking up late & wanted to leave pronto to get down & hear a speaker (Victoria or David or Brian Clement) & I poured some chia seeds and cinnamon into a little bowl & kept dipping my banana into it.. & I made one for her.. it was like a grown up raw version of the Lik-A-Maid's (s/p?) - yk, that toxic killer kids powdered candy that comes with a candy stick which you suck on & dip into.

Chia seeds are called the runners food.

The Magic of Chia - from Menu4Life

For centuries, Native Indian Peoples in the Americas have used chia seed as a staple food. Aztec warriors of Mexico subsisted on chia seeds during their battles and hunting expeditions. Indians of the Southwest would eat as little as a teaspoon of chia seeds during a 24-hour march. Indians ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean to trade turquoise for shells, carrying only a pouch of chia seed for nourishment
Sustained by chia seed, the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico hunted by running their prey to exhaustion. In 1997, a 52 year old Tarahumara Indian, Cirildo Chacarito, won the Nike-sponsered 100-mile run in California.He completed this astonishing feat in a time of 19 hours, 37 minutes and three seconds. He beat a field of hundreds of competitors with more than an half- hour lead, wearing only his home-made tire tread shoes, to Nike's embarrassment.

more info on chia available at the Menu4life website.

I get my chia seeds from Nujima

But now I am off to breakfast #2, in detail here
but basically ground pumpkin seeds, pistachios & almonds - mixed with cut up strawberries & blueberries and a banana which has been mashed & mixed with a bit of water, maple syrup & cinnamon. It's so good!
& yes, you could add some chia in there.. I will go try that.
(afternote; I actually added1T of cacao & some goji berries)

I am off to a dinner theater event tonight with Mi-San, a friend of ours wrote the script & is acting in it. This should be interesting..

Have a wonderfully brilliant and sustainingly humorous, random, which is never really random, adventurous day!!! Live the moments! .. & above all Be happy! : )


Margaret said...

Hi, I'm posting your chia recipe to my Chia Blog!

Keiko Ti said...

I checked out your chia blog.. looks like it will become a great resource for kids, parents, teachers.. wouldn't it be amazing to see kids dipping bananas into cinnamon chia.. as a candy alternative.. it could happen! Nice work on your site!