Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thoughts - existance, consciousness, responsibility and The Best Breakfast Ever!

I’m back.

My 1st thought of the day was this (after recalling my dreams, that is) - I was thinking that if in the 10th dimension everything is contained in one space.. all of time - past and future, all of space, everywhere on the earth, every planet, every galaxy, everything is contained together in one point.. then even if my body dies, changes, the earth dies, I am always going to be.. because I am here right now.. so I was & will ever be, you know?

My husbands response? “ok, Socrates.. before you tackle that one, how about tackling something much simpler, like your first million?” lol

Yk - if your so smart why aren’t you rich?

Ok. I could go on & on lots of reasons why I am not rich.. yet. ; ) probably not ready, important living to do 1st. & most importantly - with much money comes great responsibility ..and maybe I am just not ready for that yet. .but maybe soon! : )

But that’s not what I wanted to get into.

It took me a few days longer than I thought to get back here. On the 21st, on the car trip back from Nb my son turned 18. On Fri eve, 23rd, night before last.. he went to a friends & drank.. a lot, very quick.. and it ended up with paramedics coming & taking him to the hospital.. where he stayed until yesterday morning. Alcohol poisoning. It was bad, IV in both hands.. hooked up everywhere. We were up most of the night with him. He came home & slept most of yesterday & is better now. Jim stayed home & I went to work. The busiest day ever! I was so tired last night.

This was my 1st teenage incident.. but what a way to start off! Hopefully, lesson learned!

& my computer is just back from the shop. Everything got lost on it.. whole new system installed. So I am just getting it all set up again. Getting life back into routine.. I’m missing yoga, the gym, and painting.. but all of which I am going to do today.

The funeral went really well. The whole trip went incredibly well.. so wonderful to be with family, and to love everyone there. Great feeling. Incredible turn out at the church for Dad. I got up & spoke.. am really glad about that, it felt inspired. Love that feeling. Interesting how I feel so close to dad even though he is gone. I have heard that people who don’t have close relations have it harder usually.. and every situation is different. I think sometimes that how the person who dies feels about death greatly influences how the people close to them still living handle it. I just feel really blessed to be handling it so well, whatever the reason.

My friend told me something else the other day, that in a crisis situation, unconscious people become more unconscious and conscious people become more conscious. This is true. So many interesting thoughts. ..but I am signing off with the best breakfast ever, which I had yesterday morning.. between the time Dylan came home & into his own bed to sleep for the day & when I went to work.

The Best Breakfast Ever!

1 c blueberries & strawberries – cut up (these were frozen, from NB, & special as they were picked by my Mom & Dad last fall.. & well, Dad had Alzheimer’s so maybe not many from him ; )

A handful of almonds, pistachios and pumpkin seeds - which I put in my little coffee grinder and grinded into chunks.

A banana, which I mashed in a bowl with a bit of water, some maple syrup, a bit of cinnamon & a dash of salt. (if you don’t do maple syrup, substitute agave)

I defrosted the berries by setting the bowl they were in a pot of hot water while I got everything else ready.. then just mix everything together.

It was easier than it seems, easier than typing it out. & incredibly delicious! Kind of like instant oatmeal.. if you can remember ever having that.. a maple, brown sugar berry flavor. Mmm!

pic of gerbera daisys because I have a beautiful bouquet in front of me which was left along with an incredibly clean house.. for me to return to from my trip.. many thanks! : )

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